Beyoncé surprised us all with the third drop of her Ivy Park x Adidas line, titled “Icy Park” for its clear tie-in to skiwear. As per usual, she’s sending gigantic boxes of the wintry gear to celebrities, influencers, writers, and dedicated fans of the brand. Just as Bey didn’t skimp on the packaging — people are receiving the new high-tops in actual blocks of ice that have to be melted to reach the merchandise! — her receivers are taking top-notch selfies.

Gabourey Sidibe posed in almost every covetable item from the collection, including four different tracksuits and the blue furry cocoon coat, and Reese Witherspoon even climbed into the gift box with her dog, Minnie Pearl. While we’d venture to say it’s tough to send over such a huge haul when this collection includes such incredible statement-making outerwear, nothing stops Beyoncé, and of that we’re all well aware. We’ll continue to update you as we catch more #OOTDs in Ivy Park drop three on Instagram. For now, scroll through to see what the clothes look like on everyone, so you have a better idea for what you want to snatch up yourself when you shop on Friday, Feb. 19.

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