There are jewels that they never go out of style and that every woman should have in her jewelry box. Some are simple jewels that can complete your look with a touch of light, others, on the other hand, are precious that have entered the imagination as wonder symbol.

Buy them or ask for them as gifts, and then show them off without fear, because these jewelry always go well, on any occasion, like a little black dress.

Cocktail ring

It is a rather important jewel for its size, thanks to a showy stone mounted on a massive base. It was born in the 1920s, to become fashionable after the war. The cocktail ring is the “jewel” answer, with an ironic touch, to the years of Prohibition: it was considered a voluntarily luxurious habit that women wore on their fingers to get noticed in clandestine parties.


It is the band ring of Bulgarians which combines two distinctive elements, the tubogas processing (typical of the 70s) and the double BVLGARI BVLGARI logo. Over the years, different variants have been proposed, playing with materials, passing from gold to diamonds to ceramic, which have given the band ring a modern and innovative design.

Tennis bracelet

Industry insiders are well aware that it is a flexible rivière bracelet, made up of a row of brilliant-cut white diamonds. The name “tennis” is linked to an anecdote of the champion Chris Evert: during a match of the US Open, in 1987, he loses his lucky charm on the court and so asks to stop the match. The sportswoman absolutely had to look for her “tennis bracelet”.

Iconic rigid bracelet

One or more, all to be collected on the arms. Over the years the most important Maison have proposed different models that play on design. It’s the story of a twisted nail ( Juste un Clou by Cartier) and an elongated and stylized “T” ( Tiffany T1 by Tiffany & Co.).


The timeless charm of the meticulous craftsmanship. The pendant cameo gracefully and elegantly adorns bon ton collars, fabric and Friulian belts in refined velvet.


Lady Diana she loved this necklace that just went around her neck and wore it mostly on more formal occasions. If in the 80s it knew fortune thanks to the royal icon, in the years to come it has never been forgotten: the choker is one of the most powerful weapons of seduction if we think of the world of jewelry, a small collar that attracts the face and décolleté .

Jewel belt

The useful that also becomes delightful, because in addition to having the practicality of encircling the waist, it becomes a décor element of refined outfits.

Chain necklace

Today it might seem like a “classic” of jewelry. In reality, chunky knit jewelry, with a design or bold shape, revolutionized the fashion of the 60s. Just think about Pomellato which introduced chain necklaces with an industrial aesthetic, with a strong metallic-sidereal aspect. Avant-garde yesterday, contemporary today.

Sautoir necklace

Thin and very long, this jewel was born in the 1920s adorning plunging necklines on the décolleté or on the back. There sautoir necklace it is a must have in the female wardrobe, due to its versatility: during the day it is worn with silk jackets and blouses, while in the evening it is perfect with linear dresses.

Female (and feminist) jewel

The subject is in fact the woman’s body, a trend that soon learned the awareness of being the emblem of a vision. We refer to the jewelry of Paola Vilas which brought attention to the natural beauty of female curves, a positive body necklace.

It is a jewel that belongs to popular culture, worn by singers like Cher in the 60s and by Madonna in the 80s. To have in the jewelry box the mini or midi version, gold or platinum. In everyday life they are perfect.

Light point earrings

Small and diamond. The choice of the cut is really important, because it can enhance the brilliance. A passepartout jewel that with its simplicity can solve various dilemmas in terms of combinations.


Bracelets, earrings or necklaces. You can play on abundance or look for minimal jewelry, to avoid the “aunt or grandmother” effect. Chanel loved the pearls, even as a fancy jewel, today they can give a chic touch to a slightly casual look. Also try the scaramazze, from the fresh touch.

Animal themed brooch

Everyone can choose the subject they like or represent, the important thing is that it is of high manufacturing, like the pins by Van Cleef & Arpels. If you think it is a “difficult” jewel, it is actually very versatile, because it can stop a collar, embellish a lapel or scarf. And, if you want to be as creative as Diana Vreeland, you can always adorn a belt, giving it a somewhat original touch.


The jewelry box is not only overflowing with symbols of beauty and some token of love, but it can be a small archive of accessories to be evaluated when the look is basic. Here is what a beautiful gem vintage becomes the winning weapon to give a twist to usual sheath dress or sartorial suit.

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