Mats Rombaut is one of the many designers supported by Vogue Talents since its inception. Present in the Vogue Talents selection of the most interesting designers (with a focus on sustainable fashion) since the birth of the brand, Rombaut has favored the growth of its brand thanks to the avant-garde design and choice of materials, one hundred percent vegan from 2013. The designer’s stubbornness meant that on January 30th the first boutique Rombaut in Paris in an exceptional location: rue de la Corderie, in the Haut Marais, a place of art and cultural center of the French capital.

“Rombaut has a good digital presence, but [aprire una boutique] it was like a necessary step forward, a space where our followers could experience the Rombaut universe – a physical and real space but at the same time digitally enhanced. A space where we could work while exhibiting works of art or holding events ”says the designer. The space, built in a contrast of materials such as aluminum used for the walls and concrete for the floors, offers a futuristic vision that is perfectly linked to that of the product. “The store’s design is close to that of a spaceship – part of our mission for another world, a better world.”

The first works of art by Julie Villard is Simon Brossard, between organic sculptures and works humanized. One of the store’s objectives is also the exhibition of young artists who will change every six months with the arrival of the new collections.

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