opping off an ensemble with the perfect accessory can be a major game-changer when it comes to style. Paying chic homage to fashion in that manner, hats have a way of making really fabulous statements. By adding the perfect amount of Je ne sai quoi and elegance to an outfit, this go-to accessory is everything!

The exquisite fashion item also comes in different colours, textures and sizes, creating room for versatility and self-expression. The protective piece comes in styles like Fedoras, Berets, Bucket and Panama hats, as well as Bretons. Whether you’re a vintage fanatic or a contemporary stylista, there’s a hat calling your name. how to wear hats

With each hat style being unique in its cut, design and details, the one thing all hats have in common is the ability to project personality in fun and edgy ways. For ages, hats have remained a staple for fashion enthusiasts everywhere and this is the reason why. women’s hat styles

From proffering modish solutions to a bad hair day to simply upgrading your style in a matter of seconds, headpieces never disappoint. The right hat can take your outfit from day to night or zero to 100, depending on your goal. how to wear hats

Janelle Monáe

Showcasing how unconventional the headgear can also be, American singer-songwriter and actress, Janelle Monáe recently rocked a double yellow beret look for Variety Magazine’s Power of Women issue. women’s hat styles

But many women shy from topping their looks off with a hat, preferring to just admire it on celebrities and fashion influencers. The fear is usually tied to ‘looking odd’. That may just be because such women haven’t figured out which hat looks great on them or how to pick the perfect hat. Let’s tackle that fear once and for all!

How to pick the perfect hat for you

Here’s the thing about hats. Their multifunctional nature allow them to easily fit into casual and formal silhouettes but the elements of a hat needs to be tied back to the overall. For instance, a fancy attire in bright colours cannot be paired with a bucket hat or baseball cap, rather a hatband or Panama hat will do. women’s hat styles

Also, the vibe you’re going for with your wardrobe choices matter. If you’re going for a youthful and chic look, a visor hat or beret will work perfectly––while for a Soho or sophisticated semblance, you might want to try on a vagabond or fedora piece.

Stella Adewunmi Hats Vagabond Nude Tones Oversized blazer wrap skirt Stylerave
Stella Adewunmi

Effortlessly owning its flexible identity, hats can additionally be paired with other accessories to make them pop even more. From statement-making earrings and scarves to eye-catching broaches and feathers, a hat can be taken from basic to fab real quick!

The best hat for your face type


Oval-shaped faces typically have a wider forehead than the chin, with more curves to the side of the face. The best hat type for oval faces are wide brim hats.


If the width and length of your face is about equal, and you have prominent, rounded cheeks, you most likely a round-shaped face. For a round face, go for asymmetrical shapes or slant a straight-brimmed hat into a cool angle to balance out your roundness.  Fedora hats look great on round faces.


Square faces are typically characterized by a forehead, cheekbones, and jawline of equal proportion. For square faces, slouchy and soft styles like berets and beanies help soften your features. women’s hat styles

Heart how to wear hats

If you’ve got a heart-shaped face, then building your hat collection should be much easier than the rest. A cowboy hat looks offer great balance for a heart-shaped face.


Take a cue from these Style Ravens on how to elevate your outfit with the right hat…

Straw Hats

Bilkisu Adamu Aliyu Straw stylerave
Bilkisu Adamu Aliyu
Roseny Francois straw hat gold midi skirt white mules stylerave
Roseny Francois

Wide-Brim Hat

Blair Eadie  floppy hat peplum jumpsuit stylerave
Blair Eadie


Boater Hat

Sade Akinosho black boater hat balloon sleeves stylerave
Sade Akinosho

Panama Hat

tgjonah Black panama polka dots cardigan stylerave


Rancher Hat

indiaMonae brown vagabond hat wideleg trousers

Sun Hat

JariatuDanita sun hat strappy block heels stylerave
Jariatu Danita

Fedora Hat

Chioma Ikokwu Black fedora sheer mini dress stylish facemask
Chioma Ikokwu

Bucket Hat

Katlego Tefu black bucket oversized blazer leather trousers black mules stylerave
Katlego Tefu

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Cover girls: Jennifer Oseh, Angel Obasi & Chioma Ikokwu

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