The foulard is confirmed as a trendy accessory also for spring summer 2021: here are 5 (simple simple) ways to wear it and always be chic

There is no specific season to wear the foulard yet, when there is the awakening of spring, punctually, the desire also arrives show off colors and patterns which in winter tend to be hidden in some drawer.

The silk handkerchief, in addition to expressing the euphoria of seasonal change, it also tests creativity. At the neck, in the hair, at the waist or on the shoulders: how many ways are known to personalize the look with the scarf? It is precisely with those few centimeters that one can demonstrate one’s aesthetic arts, keeping an intact natural charm. Even Queen Elizabeth knows it well when she wears it on her head, tied under the chin, when she is in the countryside; we recognize it in style icons, such as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn is Romy Schneider.

Today the foulard returns to the protagonist: eternal ally of chic looks, never ceases to amaze thanks to its versatility that adapts to current trends. It is therefore reasonable to think that, with the next season, between the desire to experiment and uncertain weather, it is confirmed as a must have for the upcoming spring. Below you will find 5 worlds to wear the scarf, copying the best street style outfits:

  • More turns around the neck, becoming a colorful jabot.
  • Knotted to the bag chain.
  • Become an exotic durag to protect the head.
  • Defines and covers the chignon.
  • Knotted like a handkerchief, under the chin.

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