Over the course of his 23-year career, Rosamund Pike it has escaped any categorization. After making her big screen debut at age 23 as an icy Bond girl in Death can wait (2002), the London-based actress, now 42, seemed to enjoy confusing audiences and critics alike.

Quickly transitioned from enchanting costume dramas and delightful comedies to action films, she later became an Oscar-nominated global superstar with Liar love – Gone Girl (2014), the ruthless adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s bestseller. However, the actress did not allow herself to be pigeonholed by that success. Since then, she has played a revolver-wielding pioneer, a German revolutionary and two true icons: journalist Marie Colvin in A Private War (2018) and Marie Curie physics in Radioactive (2019).

As expected, her latest role is another surprise – that of an unscrupulous legal guardian who swindles her clients into deliciously dark satire. I Care A Lot. Pending the release of the film on Prime Video on February 19, let’s retrace Pike’s most memorable interpretations.

1. Death can wait (2002)

Die Another Day (2002)

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As the porcelain-skinned fencing shooter presiding over a melting ice palace, Pike defends himself well alongside Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond in Lee Tamahori’s thrilling colossal. Composed, inscrutable and lethal, she seduces and betrays him, showing him that he was wrong to underestimate her.

2. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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Jane, the conscientious and vulnerable elder sister of Elizabeth Bennet, too often overlooked, is played by Pike with warmth and compassion in Joe Wright’s sunny drama based on Jane Austen’s timeless classic. As she passes from ballroom to ballroom avoiding suitors, she is simply radiant.

3. An Education (2009)

An Education (2009)

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Impeccable rhythm and an extraordinary arsenal of fabulous cocktail dresses and pillbox hats help Pike steal the show in Lone Scherfig’s coming of age saga set in the 1960s. The actress contrasts the studious heroine played by Carey Mulligan – a cheerful but empty party girl with all the best lines.

4. Liar love – Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl (2014)

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For many film buffs, Pike will always be the psychopath Amy Dunne from David Fincher’s tense thriller, thanks to a sublime performance in which she combines cold reserve with a tendency to manipulate and murder. A risky business of tightrope walking that few others would have been able to manage with such ease.

5. A United Kingdom – Love that changed history (2016)

To United Kingdom (2016)

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In telling the true story of Seretse Khama and Ruth Williams, an African prince and an English employee who fell in love in London in the 1940s, Amma Asante relies on two intense and moving interpretations: that of the elegant David Oyelowo and that of Pike, his brave and enterprising consort.

6. Hostiles (2017)

Hostiles (2017)

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In Scott Cooper’s poignant western, a 19th century colonist still in shock from the extermination of her family joins a squad tasked with bringing a Native American leader back to her homeland. The only woman in a group of menacing men, Pike dominates the screen with courage, resilience and a seething anger.

7. A Private War (2018)

A Private War (2018)

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In Matthew Heineman’s violent biopic, Pike plays the intrepid war reporter Marie Colvin who goes to the front lines of the war in Syria. With an eye patch, unkempt hair and an irrepressible one joie de vivre, we see her facing her demons at home and abroad in a relentless search for truth.

8. I Care A Lot (2020)

I Care A Lot (2021)

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J Blakeson’s dark comic thriller entrusts Pike with one of the most intriguing roles of his career – she says it herself – that of a ruthless business woman who cheats the elderly that she should take care of instead. Whether he dazzles the judges in court or threatens the people under his tutelage with a serene smile, his character is electrifying.

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