Among the 2021 fashion trends, Simone Rocha’s jewel bralette is the most precious

A fishing net, a basket of pearls, marine metaphors that are embroidered on tulle, brocade and broderie anglaise. In an interconnection of Celtic legends and Baroque painting, Simone Rocha presents a Spring Summer which dresses hypothetical seventeenth-century sirens, taking inspiration from the trousseau of Nell Gwyn, mistress of King Charles II of England, and making it contemporary with layered corsets and dresses. The theme of the overlap it is central to the collection: the fabrics drape in layers, the décor surmounts the workmanship of the fabric, with miniature castles set in the SR monogram. To emphasize this game of subversion of order, the jewel bralette, a contrasting element that transforms the garment into a jewel, which brings above what should be below, with a surprisingly modern result.

Of opaque or transparent pearls, glassy or iridescent, the bralette they conform or deviate from the dress on which they pose, in a perfect harmony of opposites. The bra-bijou in brilliant black it breaks the monochromaticity of a pale blue oversize shirt, blends with the petrol satin blouse becoming part of its reflections, or becomes a three-dimensional expansion of a white-based floral graphic. In its version of mother of pearl, the bralette recalls the shell garments of fantastic aquatic creatures, in a white on white dégradé, illuminating cotton poplin, flounces and ruffles. Finally, copper color for theovercoat with puff sleeves, damask bouquets in bronze and antique pink are the background to the intricate design of the top.

A feminine touch and an emblem of childhood is the presence of ribbons and bows that replace a more traditional zip, while evoking one sensuality from lingerie and a child’s fun in party dress. Left soft on the back or worn like a belt above the hips, the bow is a closure and decoration, it is essential but wonderfully superfluous.

Giving us a perfect example of how rules are meant to be broken, Simone Rocha, who has just signed a collaboration with H&M, takes one of the main ones fashion trends 2021 and overturns the dictates, transforming the bralette into an atypical jewel that is worn to renew a garment, to make a more original look or, more simply, because you want to dare.

© Instagram @simonerocha

© Instagram @simonerocha

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