Emma Stone is Cruella: the trailer shows the more “punk” side of the well-known Disney character

From the start, I knew I saw the world differently from everyone else. Some people didn’t like it. But I wasn’t for everyone! Perhaps they have always feared that I would become… crazy! ”. And, after these words, here’s the evil laugh in the first official teaser trailer of Cruella, the new film from Disney with an unprecedented Emma Stone in the role of Cruella De Mon, the treacherous character we met as children in the great animated classic The charge of the hundred and one.

The new live action Disney feature film – currently slated to hit theaters next May – explores the genesis of one of Disney’s most famous antagonists ever: a rebellious and brilliant woman, as charming as she is mean. The film, directed by Craig Gillespie (which in 2017 he directed I, Tonya, giving us an equally insane portrait of former figure skater Tonya Harding, masterfully played by an obsessed Margot Robbie), is set in London punk-rock of the 60s. As can already be seen from the teaser, Cruella / Emma Stone enters “with a straight leg” in the headquarters of Liberty, the prestigious fashion house directed by the Baroness, played by another super actress as Emma Thompson. It is she who pulls Cruella out of the darkness as a new (and eclectic) emerging designer.

One of a kind, Cruella is darkness and color, fascination and cruelty. Emma Stone, who has already convinced us from these first images, fills the character created in 1956 by Dodie Smith (the name, in the book 101 Dalmatians, was actually Cruella De Vil) and then became famous first through the aforementioned 1961 animated film (directed by Wolfgang Reitherman, Hamilton Luske and Clyde Geronimo) and later in the remake film 101 Dalmatians – This time the magic is real (1996, directed by Stephen Herek) through the face and the boundless skill of Glenn Close (who in 2000 then played the same role in the sequel The charge of 102 – A new backlash by Kevin Lima, a totally unreleased film). As always, black and white, like the Dalmatians.

Damned and devastated, a little Joker (and we mean Joaquin Phoenix), a little Robert Smith (Cure frontman), our Cruella in the teaser goes from an innocent white cloak to a shocking red dress, before wearing studded leather jackets. (as a real rider) riding a motorcycle. She is running towards us, who would rather see her in theaters than (only) on Disney +. Let’s hope. Meanwhile, in the trailer finale, he left us these words: I was born brilliant. I was born wicked, and a little crazy. I’m Cruella“.

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