THE jewelry to wear during the video call

Certainly women did not think about it in the same way, about how they dressed up, when the only window they looked out was the one from which they listened to the serenade of their lover or at most peeked if their man was coming home. Today there is a window as big as a house, in which they are the protagonists and sometimes games of great importance are played: it is the videos of their interlocutors, where they appear in the foreground, indeed there are them and only them for many minutes, sometimes for hours. The face, the hair, the attitude, the look do a lot, but not everything.

For a thousand and a thousand years women have been covering up a little and revealing themselves a little thanks to the signals they send by attracting the attention of others to a particular or more details of the face and its contours, and then the hands, to polarize the attention of bystanders, male and female, while they grind thoughts that they will reveal little by little. This is the irreplaceable function of the jewel over the centuries.

Once the game was mainly aimed at the image in which to impersonate to go out in public, but today it is enough to click and you are already out, even if you are at home.

  • You can choose to be particularly sober by wearing a pearls, or decidedly exuberant by showing off multi-strand necklaces also of different materials, with a very modern design and dotted with the most varied stones.
  • THE bracelets they will focus attention on movements and can be voluminous and material or simple, in leather, with various stones set for a soft and sober look.
  • Maxi rings to wear in the middle or many rings to play. Sometimes, however, a single stone, a single light point to draw attention to a detail.
  • The hoop earrings, maxi and showy, or with original and very long shapes. We will rediscover the chandelier earrings to remind us of the preciousness of the light to frame the face.
  • Small points of light and semi-precious stones, often low cost, for those who want to change continuously: the teaching comes from Kate Middleton.

Sometimes it will be a question of softening an important role, sometimes of giving depth to one’s presence that we would never, ever want to be trivialized. Sobriety, brightness, showiness, elegance? Who can tell? Only ourselves: today like this, tomorrow in another way, indeed sometimes certain jewels will characterize us permanently, others will change from morning to afternoon, like and more than a dress. One thing is certain, we want to exist and not even to say it succeed in our intentions, and striking strengthens the spirit as well as contributing to the achievement of any purpose, personal and social.

Failing to keep this formidable tool in mind is tantamount to losing an opportunity that in video calls allows women to take advantage of fine arts cultivated for generations. The jewels have the ability to “touch” the interlocutor and make him feel what we transmit to him, making everything richer and faster but first of all more real, with that framed face and that gestures more eloquent than many words.

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