What are the jeans models suitable for tall girls and women?

Is it all about height? In some respects, yes: when you go shopping it is in fact important to understand what is suitable or not for your body and this does not only depend on your shape but also how tall you are. THE jeans that we find in trade often follow standard models: you will have noticed that the difference between one size and another corresponds to about one and a half centimeters. This small measure can, however, give considerable difficulties to those who are particularly tall. While the little ones can get by with a tailored hem (you always have time to cut the fabric), women who stand out in height often have trouble with the hem which turns out to be too short, creating considerable defects in terms of wearability.

There are those who were dissatisfied with the offer and even created a dedicated business: we are talking about Kathryn Boyd Brolin who created a denim label, Midheaven, dedicated to the community that could not find a pair of jeans suitable for their height “I remember always struggling to find jeans that were long enough, with a good fit, with excellent quality fabrics and that were also beautiful.i “- confesses the founder -“I worked for years as a model and I wanted to buy the jeans I wore on set, because they were longer“.

The first piece of advice we can give you when choosing a pair of jeans, especially if you are shopping online, is to look at the measurements: it’s about checking the length between the crotch and the hem. An important detail to consider based on the model and how it should be worn: for bootcut and palazzo cut requires an abundant hem, for the skinny denim at the ankle, while cropped and bermuda shorts are played on more or less midi lengths. Finally, a dedicated note is for modeling a low life: a fashion that echoes the 2000s and is suitable for those with long (very long) legs.

Below are the jeans brands that are suitable for tall girls and women:





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