It has been more than a century since Paul Niehans, Swiss physician founder of La Prairie, he began to pursue the dream of deciphering time and making beauty eternal. He soon realized that if you can’t slow down time, you have to speed up. Or your cells have to.

And this is how the latest cosmetic engineering jewel of the luxury brand works, Protocol Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation: a one-month intensive facial treatment that supports and stimulates essential cells both in self-reproduction and in the construction of a new extracellular matrix, that is the structure that gives compactness and volume to the face.

Protocol Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation by La Prairie

A system that chases the perpetual cycle of renovation and to which the Swiss maison wanted to dedicate a work of art with a double signature: Eternal Circle by Nobuhiro Nakanishi and Max Richter, presented atArt Basel in Miami Beach.

The first, a Japanese artist, drew millions of parallel straight lines on 60 consecutive sheets, alternating them with empty spaces, to represent the Swiss Alps. The work was then digitized in a solo video. The second, Richter, composed the piece of music that would have accompanied it all.

The goal is to make people think about space and time, as Richter himself explains: “Time and space are two axes on which we live, through which we move. But time doesn’t always seem to fluctuate at the same speed, which is mysterious. This is the kind of thing a piece of music can trigger: it can stop or speed up tempo, it can make it feel more intense. It is one of the exciting elements of music ”.

For this Science and Art they are related: “They are both investigations into the nature of the world. One of the two from a data perspective, and the other from a sensation perspective. The most obvious meeting point between music and art is there mathematics. The scores are clearly mathematical ”. Finally, he enlightens us on the concept of time, dear to La Prairie: “If you rewind the clock by a hundred million years or fast forward as many years, most things would remain the same. We ‘may’ or ‘cannot’ be here – but it doesn’t matter if we are here or not. The present moments are both incredibly important and completely irrelevant ”.

It is therefore up to us to make them more or less special, even by giving us a deluxe treatment or a high fashion clutch.

Time is also crucial for Protocol Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation, because its formula is activated only at the moment of use, when two cosmetic complexes meet. The effectiveness is also in theimmediacy, at that precise moment when the active ingredients are mixed. All enclosed in three ampoules with an avant-garde design.

Protocol Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation by La Prairie

Once spread on the skin, it makes the skin barrier more permeable and manages to reach the deepest layers with a powerful anti-aging action. This shock treatment is supported by the Platinum Rare Ritual, consisting of a face cream, a lotion, a specific elixir for the morning, one for the evening and one like eye contour, and from the eye contour formula for every day.

Protocol Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation by La Prairie

It almost seems to be a ritual with its own rhythm, just like a Swiss watch: a real precious object that embodies the idea of ​​precision and the passing of time.

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