Love is in the air. What better day, if not Valentine’s day, to talk about love? Or, even better, to reveal it? This thought must have passed into the mind and heart of too Kendall Jenner who, on February 14, decided to reveal her boyfriend.

The announcement obviously came via Instagram in a series of stories that told the couple’s day of February 14. On the one hand, the scion of the Kardashian family, on the other Devin Booker, his new partner. A couple who, according to sources close to the two, works because “they live their relationship with simplicity”. Devin, in fact, “is very understanding” with Kendall and especially towards the very high amount of commitments of the beauty icon.

But who is DBook, Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend?
His real name is Devin Booker, he is 24, and he is an NBA player for the Phoenix Suns, a historic team in which he covers the role of guard. Nicknamed DBook, Devin is the son of art, indeed of the field: his father, Melvin Booker, also played in the Italian championship where he played, in 2007, his last season with Olimpia Milano.

A great finisher, DBook was the first Suns player to score at least 38 points in two consecutive games since Tom Chambers, took a position in the NBA All-Rookie First Team and became the third youngest player to reach 4,000 points scored ( before him only LeBron James and Kevin Durant). Best wishes to the new couple and if they are roses …

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