Let’s talk about ponytail and, above all, of how to make the perfect tail. Yes, because not only this will be thetrendiest hairstyle of summer 2020, but it is – as the great said Guido Palau on several occasions – “The perfect solution” capable, in the “tall” version, of making us look like younger.

However, despite the apparent simplicity in any of its versions (tight, disheveled or with the middle row), there is a precious handbook to know how to make the perfect tail. So here are the tips of numerous experts to create a mini how to guide. Here she is.

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    To comb the hair before collecting it. In fact, it is a necessary step above all to decide which style to embrace, as Alberto Sanguino, responsible for the formation of Llongueras underlines. If the goal is Bella Hadid’s tight tail, it’s important to “Take care of the hairline with a hair dryer, brush, some product (gel, serum or lacquer) “. On the other hand, if you want the result to be more messy, “You will need to work the hair with a volumizing product at the roots to give it texture and texture, and then pull the hair using only your hands.”

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    Use the brush in the direction the tail will go. To avoid ripples and untidy hair, it is good to comb the hair in the direction in which the ponytail will go. If necessary, says Carlos Fernández, Frank Provost’s instructor, a soft mousse can be used to facilitate it styling, but always in small quantities.

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    Use the right tools. You don’t need to invest in a lot of tools to create a perfect tail. Frank Provost’s expert recommends using one flat bristle brush or a carbon comb. If preferred, Sanguino does not rule out the idea of ​​using a brush, as long as it is made of natural bristles.

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    Work the ponytail in two steps. Sanguino recommends making the first ponytail from the nape to mid-head and the second from mid-head to crown. “At this point join the two locks in a single tail,” he says.

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    With the row (in the middle or on one side)? If instead of a tight ponytail with all the hair back you prefer the version with the line “First draw it then create the tail only in the back to which slowly add the locks in front”Explains Pedro Moreno, head of education for Jean Louis David in Barcelona.

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    The comb with the tail. If once the tail is finished you still see irregularities Carlos Fernández recommends using a comb with the tail that must be tucked under the elastic in the opposite direction to the tuft to be fixed, like a hook.

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    THE baby hair you can stretch them at bay with a makeup brush. Just spray a little hairspray on the bristles and “caress” the lock to fix it.

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    The benefits of wax for styling. Using hair oil is not the best solution as it may make your hair greasy. However, as Moreno points out, wax can be used if used in small quantities. And if you want a more evident effect you can use, as Sanguino explains, the gel to spread with your fingers to create small waves on the hairline with baby hair. “The result is a very trendy trap effect,” he says.

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    The high ponytail. Although the choice of the type of ponytail is a matter of taste, it is also important to know that the face shape influences the choice. For example, high tails favor round faces and petite women. Also, according to Frank Provost’s expert, if the high ponytail is made very snug on the sides and with the top slightly volumized, it also fits square faces.
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    There low tail enhances elongated faces. In general, Sanguino points out, a low ponytail especially favors oval faces and tall women, but can be revisited for an elongated or rectangular face. Like? Leaving it slightly softer on the sides.

Here you will find 10 streetstyle inspirations to find the perfect tail

Low and soft tail with scruchie

© Jeremy Moeller

High and tight tail

© Edward Berthelot

Tail pulled to the middle of the head

© Edward Berthelot

Low and disheveled ponytail on medium hair and bangs

© Jeremy Moeller

Very high tail with lock that covers the elastic

© Edward Berthelot

Low tail, long hair and parting in the middle

© Christian Vierig

Tail defined with mix’n’match clips

© Kirstin Sinclair

Low and defined tail with scrunchie and parting on one side

© Edward Berthelot

Example of a very tight tail with wax

© Jeremy Moeller

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