Everyone looks for them, nobody (or almost) produces them: designer or fashionable masks have become the most desired accessory on the net but, despite many companies (such as Gucci and Prada) have partially reconverted production to meet the demands of healthcare facilities lacking in personal protective equipment, there are still very few brands that have put trendy alternatives on the market for the population.

Before the pandemic, some brands (including Off-White and Supreme) had launched options for street style masks, also appreciated by stars like Billie Eilish, and it is inexplicable that the same brands no longer produce them at the moment of greatest demand from consumers.

On the contrary, some companies are marketing fashion masks, for general use, we point out our favorites below.

Cristina Ferrari has just presented the new one CF Couture Mask, the mask with an impeccable fit that adheres perfectly to the face. This model, available in two sizes, is characterized by the nose pad equipped with internal underwire, which beautifully embraces the natural curve of the nose, with a central cut, which facilitates speech and breathing, and with practical adjustable elastics. Inside there is a cotton-silk pocket in which to insert the triple layer filter in certified TNT fabric, washable by hand up to 10 times and can also be purchased separately from the mask. The glam touch is essential, a distinctive trait of Cristina Ferrari’s sophisticated taste, which translates into the CF logo in precious Swarovski crystals.

adidas has released a special pack of 3 washable masks made of double layer of recycled fabric, with the unmistakable logo printed on the side. For each purchase of the Face Covers on the adidas official website, he will donate € 2 to Save The Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.

Wolford who has created a washable total black mask, perfect for lovers of minimal style.

On the occasion of the reopening of the boutiques Borbonese, the brand has created a special OP mask to give to its customers in monobrand stores and on e-commerce. Made of strictly organic satin and cotton, the mask is washable and immediately recognizable with the famous Partridge Eye print.

Mango has created a series of mask models following high standards regarding materials, design and packaging. The brand guarantees a filtering of over 90%, a permeability of less than 60% and up to 10 washes.

Pierre Mantoux, for autumn winter 2020, has decided to launch “Veloutine & Lace Mask”, Two models of fashion masks for civilian use to complete all looks responsibly without sacrificing style. The Veloutine model – in water-repellent microfiber and filter pocket – is proposed in the colors of the FW collection: red, hedge green, barolo and hazelnut. Inspired by the brand’s lingerie is the elegant Lace Mask in lace and cotton, designed for an evening look.

Momonì has created a collection of reusable masks, made with the recovered silks of his archive. Patterns and colors thus become the symbol of the brand’s DNA on the “claudette” masks handmade in Italy with silk and cotton and equipped with an internal pocket that allows the insertion of a TNT filter. Momonì masks will be on sale in all the brand’s boutiques and on e-commerce www.momonì.it.

HTC Los Angeles announces the launch of a collection of Made in Italy masks made with reconditioned vintage bandanas in 100% cotton. The classic motif paisley it is available in different colors to match your look. On sale on the official website htclosangeles.com.

Levi’s has put on the market a set of washable fabric masks made in 3 color combinations with the most symbolic shades of the brand. All models are distinguished by the unmistakable Levi’s Red Label.

Starting June 19th, Uniqlo will be selling a kit of 3 masks made with the famous AIRism breathable technology. With the promise of filtering 99% of bacteria up to 20 washes will also be available in child size.

Seletti presents the signature masks TOILETPAPER, with the unmistakable artist graphics by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Made in Italy with double layer of polyester microfiber, they are washable, water repellent and antibacterial. For each mask sold, Seletti will donate 2 euros to FISM, AISM Foundation – Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association.

Samer Alameen, Lebanese designer and creative director of Design Italy, has created the FACE / ON masks, a set of four washable pieces with photographic designs to express your mood. A percentage of the sales will go to create a fund to support a project to promote mental health awareness.

LAPS Foundation of Lapo Elkann, English Angel is Mask-à-porter, join forces in the name of solidarity by creating a limited edition of 100 sartorial protective masks that represent a tribute to Italian resilience. The proceeds from the masks, for sale on www.maskaporter.it, will be allocated 50% to the LAPS Foundation and 50% to the Angelo Inglese Association to finance scholarships to pass on the traditional Italian tailoring.

Laps Foundation, Angelo Inglese and Mask-à-porter

AVANT TOI has converted part of the production into the production of face masks in cotton knit with a special 3D inlay in antimicrobial TPU polyurethane, all waterproof and reusable up to 300 washes.

From an idea of ​​Monica Sarti, the brand Faliero Sarti launch the project MonniFaceMask: masks made with the fabrics and patterns of the famous scarves. Made of cotton, silk, cashmere and modal, they are on sale online with their own mask holder or in combination with a scarf of the same pattern.

MonnyFaceMask Faliero Sarti

Kristina Ti has started the production of masks for civil use. The KTIMASK are made with the use of archive and seasonal fabrics of the Cristina Tardito brand, combined with a layer of ecological antibacterial and water-repellent fabric, tested for 10 washes. Part of the KTIMASK production will be donated to MagazziniOz and the proceeds will go to support the activities of CasaOz, the Turin association that welcomes children and families who encounter the disease.

O bag promotes a charity initiative in support of Health in Veneto: a fundraiser for the purchase of facilities and technologies to be allocated to the Anesthesia and Intensive Care and Pathological Anatomy departments of the Dolo Hospital. To support this initiative, O bag will donate the entire proceeds from the online and in-store sales of the new O bag breath mask with the message of hope “A BREATH FOR LIFE“. The fabric mask is made in Italy.

GUM Design presents the printed masks made with recycled fabrics combined with the brand’s spring summer 2020 collection. The masks are the protagonists of the digital campaign A new way to love, a shooting made entirely on skype by Leonardo Pasquinelli to tell the new normality.

Beyond the Channel, the stylist Christopher Kane is giving away kits to make beautiful fashionable masks at home with leftover printed fabrics from the brand’s previous collections. An initiative intended only for the UK, but which we hope will inspire creatives from all over the world to produce the much sought after designer masks (which of course do not replace medical devices).

From the collaboration between two friends – Ashley Liemer and Karolína Kurková – founder of the kidswear brand Billie Blooms the former, supermodel and entrepreneur the latter – the project was born Masks for All: colorful masks suitable for the whole family, which at the same time contribute to supporting the charity projects of Feeding America.

14 students of international origin from Master in Fashion Design IED Milan, then, they imagined, with the coordinator Fabio Di Nicola, different concepts of cloth masks, designing them as real items of clothing and therefore thinking in terms of cuts, materials, colors and shapes, starting from conceptual moods.When we entered lockdown I wondered how to creatively use the time of IED masters students – says Di Nicola.– We had just finished the Methodology of Project Development course and we had created collages in a Dadaist key that brought together all the ideas that emerged. I therefore asked to create a collage about the coronavirus. The students created incredible works animated by the strong discomfort of the moment. Later I asked to create a mask with fashion appeal using all their skills. We were the first and the result was an excellent job. Some solving with bright colors, others with fantastic patterns, others remembering their country of origin. “


The masks of ISKO, a global leader in the production of the most loved fabric in the world, are dedicated to denim lovers. ISKO Vital + is the name of the project dedicated to the development of reusable and sustainable masks, made of soft organic cotton and latex-free. The plus is the possibility of reusing them, thus minimizing the impact on the environment. ISKO Vital + masks are available in two versions: Premium, in white or black, and Supreme – with integrated Sanitized® technology, to choose from 9 fashionable shades. Both versions are made in three different sizes, to be perfect for both adults and children.

Perfect for parties: the masks Linda Farrow they are offered with every purchase but are also available for sale. The sparkling effect makes them suitable for the holiday season.

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