Bridgerton 2: the new entry

The Viscountess has just been found. There second season of the Bridgerton costume event series, of which we already knew a few anticipation, has just added the most anticipated name to the cast. It will indeed 25-year-old actress Simone Ashley to interpret Kate, Anthony’s future wife, eldest son of the house. Jonathan Bailey, the 30-year-old British sex symbol who lends him his face, he had long ago declared that his first choice for the role would be Rihanna, for whom he has always had an artistic crush, but today he is delighted with the “wife” that the casting director has chosen for him.

Bridgerton’s second season

The second season, with the first take in spring, is taken from the second book of saga of the same name by Julia Quinn, “The viscount who loved me” (published in Italy for Oscar Bestsellers Mondadori). Told by the voice of Lady Whistledown, the worldly reporter of the high society of the nineteenth century, the story intertwines the most awaited love story, that of Anthony, with the events of the royals of the time, which instead were introduced specifically for the TV fiction conceived by Shonda Rhimes, starting with the feared Queen Charlotte .
After i 7500 costumes made for the first eight episodes, this time also the wardrobe will undergo substantial changes because the British nobility moved from London to the countryside inaugurating a more informal and carefree season.

Bridgerton: characters and performers

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And finally Kate arrives

Precisely in this scenario, in the Aubrey Hall estate, the love of Viscount Anthony will be framed. Throughout the first season he was refractory to weddingsor, but now he knows that his role as head of the household includes the procreation of an heir and is ready to do the job. To do this he must find a worthy companion, but he is determined to choose the future companion in life as if he were in front of a catalog with the list of characteristics. He does not want feelings to fit into the equation because he fears dying at a young age like his father and is tormented that the woman will be thrown into total despair.

Kate is a key role in saga, because he takes the reins of the family and becomes de facto Lady Violet’s heir in charge of the estate and title of Viscount Bridgerton. He will be present very often in the sentimental machinations of the matron to marry the youngest children, aside Daphne which is the first to get married, as fans of the first season know.

Who is Simone Ashley

After the casting of Regé-Jean Page as Simon, Duke of Hastings, it was easy to understand that producer Shonda Rhimes wanted to continue training inclusive and mixed couples therefore it is not surprising that the tradition continues with Simone Ashley.
Unlike fellow cast members, theactress is already part of the “Netflix stable” because he is one of the interpreters of the generational cult Sex education (coming with season 3) as the popular Olivia. It also already has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, just think that the colleague Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne) before Bridgerton – which today remains the most viewed series ever in the history of the platform with 82 million visits – had ten times less, even though he had worked alongside Rupert “Ron” Grint on the Snatch! series.

Kate Sharma (the surname is different from Sheffield, used in the books, precisely to make the actress’s ethnic choice more credible) in the serial version would have Indian descent. This is the spearhead of the new entries in the cast because the story will focus on Anthony and Kate but will also involve her family and in particular her half-sister Edwina, who instead in the book is the first object of the viscount’s desire.

Simone Ashley in Sex Education

According to what is known so far ofLondon-based actress and model of Anglo-Indian origin, has a lot in common with the character: independent, stubborn and creative, she has always given voice to her inclinations even though she comes from an overprotective family. In the books, Kate is a rather intrusive guardian angel towards her little sister, to the point that all of Edwina’s suitors know that before taking her to the altar they must have the blessing of the eldest of the house. The two girls, fatherless (they have different mothers), have in fact tightened such a bond between them as to live almost in symbiosis, not even being able to count on a great economic well-being or a conspicuous dowry.

Ashley Simone, strong-willed Aries, is petite like “sister-in-law” Phoebe Dynevor, but with her 165 centimeters in height she promises to stand up to Jonathan Bailey. On screen, the two will often be engaged in verbal duels, far from interested in courtship.
Her cast as Kate bodes well: da Broadchurch Inspector Coliandro, on whatever set the actress has worked has definitely left her mark thanks to the charisma that distinguishes her and which remains one of the distinctive traits of the future viscountess, as well as obviously a strong temper and little inclined to conformism.

Another moment taken from Sex Education

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