Is called “Our Promise to You“And, to all intents and purposes, it is a promise of love for its customers (but also artisans) in full compliance with the values ​​of sustainability. Thus, with elegance and refinement, Livia Firth presented the new collaboration between Eco-Age and the master goldsmiths of Recarlo.

Always i diamonds mounted in Valenza by the famous goldsmith company are considered pledge of love: this time the promise is made by the company and represents an indissoluble pact with the entire supply chain, towards the people who work there up to the customers, and the environment itself. Recarlo is committed to investing in professionals, with a particular objective concerning it local community development, with the creation of new job opportunities in full respect of diversity, combining artisan tradition and digital innovation. To social ethics is added that of trace the precious materialThe pandemic was an important driver for taking this path. We want to start with the certification of the smallest stones to give full and complete traceability” – he has declared George King, co-ceo of the brand and representative of the second generation – “Our commitment is to build a blockchain system“.

The project in collaboration with Eco-Age is yet another step towards a future more sustainable which confirms the company’s commitment: more than 10 years ago, Recarlo embarked on this important path, consolidating its position with the certification of the Responsible Jewelery Council, later joining the Kimberley Process, an initiative aimed at increasing transparency in the diamond industry.

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