Prada and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (COI) of UNESCO presented the final phase of the educational program Sea Beyond, a pilot educational project tailor-made for secondary schools all over the world, with the aim of raising awareness among the younger generations on sustainability and safeguardingOcean.

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In fact, the decade dedicated to the oceans and their safeguard for the achievement of2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development promoted by the United Nations and its 17 Goals. Objective 14 of the Agenda, in particular, is dedicated to safeguarding the oceans as also told by Javier Goyeneche in our podcast that you can listen here:

The project goal of Prada with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (COI) of UNESCO Sea Beyond is to educate students towards a more responsible and aware behavior towards the ocean and its resources, promoting sustainable consumption attitudes in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The first phase of the project, which ended in January 2021, saw high school teachers in ten cities around the world – from Berlin to Venice, via Cape Town, Mexico City, Lisbon, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Shanghai – took part in webinars led by experts from the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission to learn how to develop a 4-lesson didactic module dedicated to the topic of sustainability. Each school then received a “Sea Beyond” toolkit made of recycled cardboard, containing information and materials useful for involving students and making them feel an active part of a global movement in defense ofOcean.

In the second phase of the program, students worked on developing one social awareness campaign in favor of safeguardingOcean, participating in an international competition.

On March 26, 2021, during a virtual event, the winning campaign will be awarded by an international jury. On the jury, together with Lorenzo Bertelli, Prada Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Vladimir Ryabinin, Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and Deputy Director General of UNESCO, there will be personalities linked to the oceans such as the Italian writer Alessandro Baricco, the acquanauta, oceanographic explorer and environmentalist Fabien Cousteau, L’environmental artist Anne de Carbuccia, the marine scientist and social entrepreneur Kerstin Forsberg and the Italian gold medal freediver Alessia Zecchini, will help Prada and UNESCO to choose the most creative project. The Brazilian marine activist and artist will moderate the event Patricia Furtado de Mendonça.

The campaign signed by the winning students will be disseminated on social media channels and on the Prada and UNESCO sites and at the same time, the school of the project selected by the jury will receive a prize of five thousand euros to invest in teaching materials.

Appointment to find out about the winners on the website starting from 2.00 pm CET on 26 March 2021.

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