After the launch of the Live Stream Shopping which has completely revolutionized the shopping experience, Motivi continues with an innovative communication strategy by presenting the new web series Grounds Lo (ve) ft and responding to the latest digital entertainment trends and the public’s growing passion for TV shows. The project, born thanks to the direct comparison with the followers and customers of the brand, which through a specific survey confirmed the public’s interest in the format, develops with a timing of multi-platform broadcasting for use on different devices.

The episodes of the original production signed Reasons there will be four and will tell the story of a group of friends who are different by nature, but united by the same emotions and the same way of looking at the world. The selected performers – four Italian models and actresses – appear on the screen with their real names to give life to as many authentic and irresistible characters: Giulia, enterprising, creative and reliable radio speaker and narrator of the series, Bea, super fashionista store manager, determined and at times cynical, Ilaria, chef with a dreamy and shy soul but professionally made with his restaurant in the city, e Laura, the sportswoman of the group, a personal trainer with a positive, pragmatic and reassuring momentum.

The stories of the Motivi girls always start in an iconic place – Lo (ve) ft – which thus becomes the symbol of the series, the place to be where to meet, have fun, confide in and celebrate the moments spent together. And if the interior of the loft remains a constant for each episode, it will be the ending of the story, deliberately open, to stimulate the participation and direct interaction of the public, which thanks to the involvement of some fashion influencers will be invited to comment on the episodes to try to guess the conclusion. But that’s not all: to make the experience even more exciting, Motivi has prepared a series of off-screen initiatives of gaming, user-generated content and fashion shooting. Stay tuned!

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