On Valentine’s Day, Harry and Meghan they announced to the whole world the arrival of their second royal baby. “Archie is ready to be a big brother,” revealed the couple’s spokesman who also released a new photographic portrait taken by friend Misan Harriman in the garden of their home in Montecito, California. A shot that sees the Duchess pregnant, smiling and in one splendid outfit signed Carolina Herrera.

The decision to announce the arrival of the second royal baby on February 14, however, hides something deeper than a simple reference to the party of lovers and the celebration of love. This decision, in fact, seems to have its roots directly in Harry’s personal history and, specifically, to be a tribute to the beloved mother Lady Diana.

On February 14, 37 years ago, in fact, in 1984, the Daily Express announced the second pregnancy of Lady Diana which would then lead, on September 15, to the birth of Harry. “A Valentine’s Day Joy for Diana and Charles” headlined the tabloid with a picture of the princess on the front page.

A parallelism, as Omid Scoobie points out (one of the most authoritative voices on royals and author of the controversy biography Freedom), which is a touching tribute to mum Diana that Harry is getting closer and closer between the fight against the intrusiveness of the tabloids and a certain geographical and (perhaps) perceived distance from the royal family and their rules.

And who knows, maybe, if little Archie should have a little sister, that her name isn’t really Diana. It would be sensational. Very beautifull. And sensationally beautiful.

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