Prepared and blunt. They are the skinfluencers, the new beauty stars of social networks. Born during the first lockdown of 2020, they understood that in order to depopulate they had to adapt to change, proposing authoritative content focused on skin care, a topic that, according to the most recent data, is definitely the most clicked on the network (+ 197% compared to the first semester of 2019 – source Traackr). The impetus for the movement came from professionals in the sector, such as dermatologists Muneeb Shah (2 million followers on TikTok in a few months) and Zion Ko Lamm, but above all from “unofficial experts” of Generation Z, who already before COVID-19 impacted 93% of millennials’ daily purchases, according to an IBM study. The reason is simple: these guys read, explore, experiment and document themselves on formulations and beauty trends more than anyone else, representing the most aware and demanding consumer segment ever.

In particular on TikTok – platform took off in full pandemic for the ability to create more communities – skinfluencers create clear and original content, with the aim of informing and teaching how to choose the right products, without fear of showing themselves with their defects and making compromises.

The work “Digital Fantasy”, December 2017, by the digital artist Marité Aravena (@mariteiei). His work is strongly inspired by Kawaii Pop Culture, that is the culture, born in Japan, which focuses on everything that is “cute”: often a little childish, and in pastel shades.

In fact, greedy for credibility, they are unfaithful and reward, from time to time, the value created by a brand, not the brand itself. A “digital adult” approach according to Mintel, a leading market research agency that has renamed it the AVID generation, Approaching adulthood, Video driven, Influencer aware and Digital natives. Approach that earned some profiles thousands if not millions of followers from March to December 2020: Hyram Yarbro (@skincarebyhyram) went from 100 thousand to 6 million followers on TikTok, to 4 on YouTube and 1.1 on Instagram; Young Yuh (@ yayayayoung) from zero to 1 million followers on TikTok; Vi Lai of @ whatsonvisface from 11 to 170 thousand followers on Instagram and almost 700 thousand on TikTok (source Traackr). Again, Alexa Johnson (@glowopedia): “In February 2020, my TikTok profile had 10,000 followers: now they are 265,000 plus 89,000 on Instagram,” he says. “I conquered my audience with sincere reviews and some” scoop “on the world of beauty, all seasoned with a playful style, so much so that a nurse, during quarantine, wrote to me that she was watching my videos to relax, pleasant time and find out which cosmetics to buy ».

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