The prince of prints, Taschen tells the story of Emilio Pucci in a new book curated by Armando Chitolina, Vanessa Friedman and Alessandra Arezzi Boza. Through hundreds of photographs, drawings and snapshots from the archives of the Emilio Pucci Foundation, the new volume in XL format is able to capture the breathtaking elegance of the designer and the suggestions of a unique brand. Vanessa Friedman’s text contextualizes Pucci’s production within the history of fashion and presents the dynasty of this fascinating family.

Emilio Pucci had a passion for women, a visionary sense of style and a particular eye for color and design. Thanks to these talents he created a fashion house that stood out from all the others. His at the dawn of the 1950s boutique on the island of Capri it supplied rich aristocrats, heiresses and movie stars with the famous capri pants (or Capri pants), silk scarves and light dresses. At the end of that decade, Jacqueline Kennedy is Marilyn Monroe wore the clothes of the stylist and in the mid-1960s his label was synonymous with the golden lifestyle of the international jetet.

Pucci’s modern epic has its roots in Renaissance Italy: the founder of the maison, the Marquis Emilio Pucci di Barsento was a charismatic aristocrat whose lineage dates back to the fourteenth century. It is the story of an evolution: a small family business that from a small shop has become an international chain. And it is also a history of innovation: Pucci was one of the first brands to have a logo and a pioneer of diversification, signing sportswear, interior items and accessories. The Pucci fashion house has introduced a type of light, brightly colored printed fabric and a new palette in women’s fashion, and is always looking for new technologies in fabrics and printing.

Available in four languages, starting February 2021, the new book on the history of the designer consists of 420 pages and each volume is bound with a different fabric from the Emilio Pucci collection.

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