In the beginning it was the eye makeup colored by Euphoria, award-winning TV series that tells the dramatic events of a group of American teenagers.

It triggered an unstoppable desire to replicate smokey eyes glittering of Maddie, Rue’s glittery tears and thecloud-shaped eyeliner seen on Jules. The makeup created for the show by the make-up artists Doniella Davy is Kirin Ryder it went viral in a very short time and brought about a decisive change of pace from the usual combination contour is highlight style Kardashian.

Just layer the foundation and concealer and then sculpt your face with strokes bronzer: the complexion of the protagonists of Euphoria it turns out almost naked, with colorful accents on the eyes and cheeks. The result? Fresh, modern and above all, fun. A style that has seduced millions of fans who have started experimenting with shades that they would not have even looked at before. In short, beige pauses in favor of touches of pink, lime, blue and orange. Even crystals and glitter, looked down on until recently, are back to being cool. It is no coincidence that in the forecast report for 2021 published by Pinterest, indie make-up is butterfly eye trends destined to become popular this year are considered.

The desire to play with shapes and colors does not spare them either nails. Consider the various lockdown and the difficulty of regularly attending manicure salons, there are many Instagram accounts that show how to make at home nail-art colorful with hand drawn smileys o stickers fantasy.

You can’t help but think about the makeup of Halsey (who just launched her own cosmetics line About Face) on the album cover Manic. The pop star sports a colorful and asymmetrical eye make-up that has become iconic in a short time, to the point of having replicated it exclusively for Vogue.

Not just makeup and manicure though, if we talk about Indie, woe to exclude crystals & Co. from speech. That’s why it’s worth telling Magnetic Glow ™ an energetic “beauty treatment” that uses magnetism, combined with the power of crystals, gods essential oils and sound frequencies, to reveal the inner light and thus reveal the natural brightness of the face.

Magnetism is one energy therapy which channels the so-called “universal” or “vital” energy to harmonize and to balance the body, soul and mind. The goal is to reconnect with the heart. Jalila Levesque, Founder of Magnetic Glow ™: “This period of uncertainty we are experiencing that pushes us toself-reflection it’s an opportunity: everyone around me is looking for authenticity, alignment, inner beauty … It was the perfect momentum to launch this new kind of beauty treatments: a protocol intuitive energy that mixes magnetism and beauty to reveal the light on faces and increase self-confidence. “At the moment Magnetic Glow ™ can only be tried by Paris (at home or within the concept store 11H11 in the heart of the Marais), but we hope it will soon arrive in Italy too.

Looking forward to seeing the new episode of the second series of Euphoria which has Hunter Schafer as protagonist and will air on January 22 in the United States, all that remains is to arm yourself with eye shadows and nail polishes and be inspired by the inspiration of the moment. It matters little if the result is not perfect: theindie make-up like it precisely because it allows a less technical approach to makeup. The important thing is to express yourself, using the body as a canvas.

Euphoric Glitter Pro-Squad by Lemonhead contains the iridescent powders in six iconic shades used (or inspired by) the protagonists of the HBO Euphoria series.

Diorshow On Stage Liner Matte Pink by Dior is an eyeliner in pen with a waterproof and long-lasting formula with a matte finish.

Butterfly Dreams Le Mani Deluxe by The Minimacaron is a kit to make the semi-permanent manicure at home that includes a LED lamp, tools and four nail polishes.

Agatha Orange Rouge à Lèvres Lunaison by Gucci has a creamy and moisturizing formula and a bright and iridescent finish thanks to microglitters.

Diamond Dew’s Limecrime is a hyperpigmented cream eyeshadow that gives the eyelids a metallic effect with pink and lilac shades.

Sephora Collection Pocket Palette by Sephora contains six soft and easily blendable eyeshadows in shades of blue.

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