Enough labels. Also for Ashley Graham, which no longer wants to be considered only a “plus size model”. Of course, it remains one of the icons of body positive, happy and in harmony with your body although not a size 42.
In an interview with WSJ Magazine, the model, who began her career at 17 despite being repeatedly discouraged by her non-standard weight by obviously little open and far-sighted agents, said how frustrating it is for her to constantly answer questions about her shapes and not have almost a way to deal with other issues. For this reason, instead of being considered as a plus size, would simply like to be called “woman”. And on this we can only agree with her: why “No man is forced to constantly answer questions about his figure”, asks Graham, while for women it is considered normal?

Ashley is not going to stop pursuing her vision (could it be called battle?) Of the female body, which must remain always and in any case an object of respect, regardless of its physiognomy.
“Nobody talked about their body when I was young and it is important for me today to post my photos on Instagram that move away from what until recently (or perhaps still today?) Was considered“ perfection ”. I want people to know that there are women with cellulite, fat and stretch marks ”.

Last year, Ashley became a mom by Isaac Menelik Giovanni and still has not lost all the pounds gained during the nine months of pregnancy, but also in this case the model took it with philosophy, considering the difficult moment of pandemic that forced everyone at home: ” losing weight in quarantine would have been an epic failure ”.
Graham lives the changes in her body with serenity and naturalness, despite, as she herself affirms in a message on Instagram, in which she “re-posts” photos of women with certainly more buttery bodies than what we are used to seeing on the catwalk, “it’s not always easy to love every inch of your body. I learned that it is a daily practice, not just a goal. “
But as Ashley Graham says: “We are stronger together!

Ashley Graham was the protagonist of a Vogue Italia podcast, in which she talked about sisterhood in fashion:

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