A campaign charity to help the most vulnerable people

The idea dates back to 2002, when Innocent, the European brand of fruit juices and smoothies, launched the “Tanto di cappellino” campaign for the first time. The idea behind it is simple: to make small woolen hats to cover bottle caps in a fun way. The initiative was not limited to a pure advertising investment but was transformed into a charity project, associating the sale of smoothie with cap a beneficial purpose. Hence the idea of ​​involving as many people as possible in this virtuous circle: since 2002 many have responded to the call, tools in hand, and have created fabulous, colorful hats. This partnership has made it possible, so far, to collect and donate more than 15 million euros to charity.

Also this year, from February 15th, you can return to contribute to the initiative, they buy a smoothie with a cap in the fresh department of the main distribution chains (including Alì, Bennet, Carrefour, Coop Nord-Ovest, Dao, Despar, Esselunga, Italmark, Pam, Pam Local, Panorama, To-Market, Unes), but also at Starbucks, Panini Durini and online on Foorban, Glovo, Ilovepoke and Nutribees.

For each smoothie with hat sold, € 0.20 will be donated to charity ad Auser Lombardia, a voluntary association that deals with social promotion to promote active aging, assistance and inclusion of the elderly.

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