Carnival with cinema: the Vogue playlist

Mask off, here it gets serious. Or at least that’s what one would say in front of some cult cinematic scenes that frame seduction, mystery and adventure. The most unscrupulous immediately think of Eyes wide shut by Stanley Kubrick (su Amazon Prime Video) with former Hollywood golden couple, Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman, but the declination of dances on the big screen have many, many, meanings. Without bothering the great classics, just peek at the most recent and pop examples to have the perfect binge-watching list for the arrival of Carnival. In the absence of parties (both on Shrove Thursday, February 11, and Shrove Tuesday on February 16), here is a roundup of films to spend an evening (or more) in a light, casual but also intriguing way.

If we think of Selena’s intriguing black lace accessory with matching ears (Anne Hathaway) prior to transformation into Catwoman for The Dark Knight – The Return (on RakutenTV and TIMVision) we can already have some ideas to talk about stories in which opposites attract each other in an almost lethal way. Sure, it’s a fantasy and Bruce Wayne / Christian Bale in the scene doesn’t have the costume at all Batmanindeed – ironically – he goes to a masquerade ball with a nonconformist spirit to the point that he doesn’t even cover his eyes, but he can. If there is someone who cannot but does it anyway, it is another millionaire who recently rose to prominence in the 365 days Polish soft porn (on Netflix) with Michele Morrone. The protagonist Massimo has a concept of courtship that rhymes with kidnapping, yet the public rewarded him by clamoring for a sequel and earning the Italian actor – who was about to become a meteor at the time – a whopping 11.7 million. of followers on Instagram. One of the most erotic scenes – according to the comments of the spectators – is that of the dance and once again the girl protagonist has her eyes covered …
Here, then, are five other titles, especially romantic ones, in which the mask ball made the difference

1. Fifty shades of black

Fifty shades of black (available on RakutenTV and Google Play), the second cinematic chapter based on the eponymous literary saga by EL James (Mondadori), raises the bar of Mr. Gray’s erotic games. And when the millionaire’s adoptive mother organizes a Masquerade Charity Ball, the protagonist chooses the usual minimal and seductive all black look, while reserving for his girlfriend (Dakota Johnson) pearl gray lace details to frame her sky-colored fawn gaze. Everyone looks at the sinuous mermaid shapes of the dress that leaves very little to the imagination, but then the most talked-about couple in the room clings to a slow romantic that already preludes the usual, very spicy, private “after party”.

Fifty shades of black

2. The legend of a love – Cinderella

The legend of a love – Cinderella (on Disney +) revisits the story giving the protagonist the cultured and rebellious look of Drew Barrymore. In a bizarre version, which includes the Mona Lisa and Leonardo Da Vinci, the girl suffers the harassment of her stepmother and stepsisters but cultivates her father’s memories by tying them to the great classics, such as Utopia, which the man read to her as a child. This poetic passion makes her meet / clash with the irritating and capricious prince heir to the throne. She will be the one to give him a purpose in life, to teach him inclusiveness and clemency, but she hides the secret of her origins. At the most beautiful, at the grand masked ball at court, like an angel-butterfly tries to tell him the truth, but the evening ends in the worst way. All is not lost, on the contrary …

3. Marie Antoinette

To describe the boredom and whims of the French sovereign, Sofia Coppola he even rented the Opéra de Paris, although the building had not yet been built at the time. After all, historical accuracy matters little in this visionary reworking of the queen who, during the Revolution, proposed to feed the people with croissants, given that bread was in short supply. Anecdotes aside, the gorgeous masquerade ball in Marie Antoinette serves as the setting for the meeting with Count Hans Axel von Fersen (once again Jamie Dornan). She gives him a sidelong glance and he, already bewitched by this ethereal and elusive beauty, cannot resist her. Colorful, unseemly and mischievous, the event is just like the queen, with only a tiny black lace headband across the face.

4. Romeo + Juliet

The party of the Capulets in Romeo + Juliet (on RakutenTV and Google Play) is a pop culture explosion: loud, garish, explosive. Nothing less would be expected from the imagination of visionary Baz Luhrmann. Sacred and profane, innocence and sin, for an indomitable knight, Romeo (Leonardo Dicaprio), and a white angel wrapped in two giant wings, Juliet (Claire Danes). It is no coincidence that the first meeting takes place during the party, in front of an aquarium that makes the imagination fly up to exotic scenarios, on the notes of Kissing You, and among a multitude of colorful fish. These stolen glances have the flavor of laughter, play and the first, perfect, heartbeat. The Shakespearean tragedy becomes a modern allegory with ancient references while fiction and reality mix right during a masked ball, which hides more than you think.

5. Snow White – Mirror Mirror

The version of Snow White (Mirror Mirror) with Lily Collins (on RakutenTV and TIMVision) offers in the masked ball scene one of the most visually breathtaking scenarios that the cinematographic transpositions of a fairy tale can boast. The girl sports two white wings similar to delicate petals, but above all a swan-shaped headdress that gives her a bizarre and at the same time intriguing air, in stark contrast to the blood red look of Queen Julia Roberts in peacock version. Prince Charming Armie Hammer instead has no glittering armor but two giant bunny ears and a giant Mad Hatter-style top hat. Indian director Tarsem Singh winks at Bollywood and, of course, sets the spark on the dance floor, amidst bizarre creatures and surreal disguises.

Snow White (Mirror, Mirror)

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