The brand of sustainable fashion Miomojo, founded by Claudia Pievani based in Bergamo, it wants to spread the concept of totally creativity as much as possible cruelty-free. The impact that fashion has on the environment is in fact too harmful and a commitment to find and propose alternative solutions is definitely necessary. For this reason Miomojo has decided to use a series of innovative and alternative materials that do not damage the ecosystem, while still allowing the creation of quality accessories with a familiar design. In fact, the premium line of the brand, called First line, uses three main materials: the Cactus Leather, obtained from the leaves of the cactus, which is characterized by a texture very similar to real leather, but with a reduced environmental impact, thanks to the very low consumption of water necessary for its production; there AppleSkin, made with the food waste of apples from Trentino Alto Adige, a choice that also offers important support to the Italian supply chain; and the Corn Leather, resulting from a mix of recycled polyester from plastic bottles and corn waste.

The brand’s commitment is not only linked to sustainable fashion in the strict sense, but also extends to the concept of Give Back, through some collaborations with international animal protection associations, such as AnimalsAsia is Four Paws who receive 10% of the proceeds from the sale of Miomojo bags.

Responsible innovation therefore allows us to create a wide range of different bags ranging from backpacks, shoulder bags, hobos to belt bags, alternating more neutral and natural colors such as beige and green, with brighter tones such as red and pink, alongside a more classic black.

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