An affectionate element of the romantic style, the bow returns to adorn the feminine outfits of spring summer 2021 fashion. Here’s how to wear it (also for lovers’ day)

Those who choose it black or in pastel colors, hold it in their hair, those who dare with bold and intense shades prefer it as a décor on garments and accessories: the bow returns to the protagonist in the romantic spring outfits, cutesy symbol of lovers.

Doing without it, in the season of love is like serving champagne without bubbles: this detail appears lively here and there, defining the seasonal looks. THE bow do not go unnoticed, especially in their maxi version, when a exaggerated volume; mini or precious are retro echoes.

The French writer Madame de Sévigné she used to pin a fabric bow on the corset: mischievous for the time, it can still be used today as a ploy to draw attention to feminine curves. But when it becomes “love knot“? We have to wait until the 19th century, when Carlo Alberto of Savoy she chose a diamond-encrusted gold brooch as a wedding gift for the bride-to-be.

From head to toe, fashion then experimented with this décor element, positioning it almost everywhere, creating majestic “look with bows“. Plethoric in some cases, scenographic in others, the bow in spring summer 2021 it becomes a distinctive element, as well as a focal point of some otherwise bare silhouettes. It appears with its majestic elegance, swollen in the folds of the knot, to amaze with its extreme kindness.

Below our selection of garments e accessories with bow (jewelry, clasps, shoes and belts) for a romantic look:

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