“Alexa, what’s the weather like?” “Alexa put the song …”. For most of us, the idea of ​​smart homes for now comes down to this: asking virtual assistants for something. But what if all the devices in our home could communicate with us, send us information and receive our commands? It is not science fiction: it isInternet of Things (IoT), a key component of home automation, which gives us the ability to control home activities quickly and easily, such as turning on the heating when we are about to leave work, setting the right lighting for every moment or checking what happens while we are absent are just some of the benefits of transforming our home into a smart home. To do this just use the right device, like these 6.

1. Homey

Technically it is a smart home hub to which you can connect the various electronic devices and make them talk to each other, via app, creating scenes (flows) in which a gadget is allowed to automatically respond to the input of another. Homey is compatible with almost everything “smart” we have at home. Over 50,000 products including smart lamps, speakers, video cameras, but also dishwashers, kitchen accessories and robot vacuum cleaners. Making them talk to each other means, for example, making sure that when we turn on the TV, the lights in the house automatically dim. Or get a notification on your smartphone when the power consumption is high. Or, again, arrange a musical reception on our return home. But the possibilities are so many.

Price: from 299 euros

2. Amazon Fire Stick TV

A “magic” key that allows us to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, Tim Vision and all other streaming providers even if we don’t have a smart TV. Like? In practice, the Fire TV acts as a trait d’union between the internet and our old TV, through an easy-to-use interface where we find all the apps of the main streaming platforms and also video games and yoga and fitness courses. In the latest version, more powerful than the previous ones, there is the voice remote control that connects to Alexa. Just say: “Alexa, put The Crown” to see our favorite TV series play on TV in seconds.

Price: 40 euros (30 for the “lite” version).

3. Facebook Portal

Love in the time of video calls also passes through Facebook Portal, the terminal equipped with a smart camera that during the video call is able to follow our every move, leaving us the possibility to move freely and have our hands free.

Portal allows you to make video calls with both Messenger and WhatsApp, and through the integrated voice assistants “Hey Portal” and “Alexa” we will have access to a lot of functions “by voice”. The display measures 10 ” and can be oriented both horizontally and vertically.

Price: 199 €

4. Smart Egg Pro

No surprise. In this case, the egg itself is the surprise: thanks to its tech heart it connects to our smartphone and from that moment on we can control any device in the home through infrared, bluetooth and wi-fi. In this way the remote controls end up in a drawer and it is easier to organize our life, for example by creating a “leaving the house” event that with a single click turns off the lights and the heating and starts the robot vacuum cleaner.

Price: 55 euros

5. Iotty, the smart switch

A switch with an Italian design that makes all the light bulbs in the house “smart”: Thanks to the dedicated app, we can set some parameters to create customized routines and scenarios, for example turning on the lights at a certain time. The control takes place via smartphone, but Iotty is also compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri so it is ready to obey our orders by voice. Available in different colors (white, black, gray, sand and blue) and in the version for roller shutters.

Price: 79 euros

6. Netatmo Smart Doorbell with Video Camera

What to ask of a smart doorbell? Well, for example, to tell us who comes by at all times, even when we are away. Said, done: the Netatmo doorbell is equipped with a microphone, a Full HD video camera and a wide angle that allow us to see who is ringing the door and answer directly from home or from the mobile phone, even from miles away. Not only that: it is also able to detect suspicious activity and notify us with a notification.

Price to the public: 300 euros

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