Sex and The City, the reboot: new hypotheses on the plot

The announcement of the sequel to Sex & the City, titled “And Just Like That”, aroused bittersweet feelings in many of its over-the-years-loyal viewers. The pleasure of waiting for a new chapter of the TV series has been made more bitter by the revelation that one of the most beloved characters of the show, Samantha Jones, will no longer be part of the cast and therefore of the plot.

The announcement left a good chunk of fans of the series and the character of Kim Cattrall poised between disappointment and bewilderment. How is it possible that a tv series that has based its magic formula on one extraordinary quartet of women and on their different personalities, affinities and contrasts remain orphaned of such an important part? How will the authors manage to justify Samantha’s “disappearance”?

The three “surviving” protagonists of Just Like That, a sequel to Sex and The City

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Well, we have a clue. Don’t expect upsets or heart-pounding twists. Simply – this is life – friendships evolve over the years, friends, even the closest ones, argue. Sometimes in such a brutal way that there can be no reconciliation.

The script of “And Just Like That” will therefore address the evolution of Carrie’s friendship (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha over the years, to come to the conclusion that sometimes bonds aren’t meant to last forever. The showrunners of the sequel – the HBO company said – are not “trying to remake Sex and the City”. In other words: They are not trying to make the characters relive their 30s. “It is a story of women in their 50s, dealing with problems and relationships typical of people in their 50s.”

Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda in one of the first episodes of Sex an the City

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The new series aims to show the reality of female friendships, telling “an honest story about being a woman in her fifties in New York”. In other words: the friends you have at 30 may not be the same by the time you get to 50.

The release date of “And Just Like That” is still unknown, although Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon posted a teaser video on their social media accounts in January. According to Variety, all three actresses will earn $ 1 million per episode.

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