I understood that time is not my enemy, it is the memory of my future.

It all started a year ago.
I was at my mother’s house on Lake Garda, in my room, now occupied by my brother Gio. I caught a glimpse of an object familiar to me, my old diary with a lot of padlock. I wondered where the key was, who knows.

And so I decided to force it, to meet a little Joanita, who probably already knew that I would try to open it in the future and that over the years I would surely lose the key 🙂
And in fact as soon as he managed to open it, I was faced with a sweet request: “Hey you, don’t read me. You won’t be interested in the life of an almost teenage girl! Close immediately and think of you ”.

At that moment I began to smile and the word “Memory of the future” came to mind.
Which seems like a play on words, but if you think about it, perhaps it is more an invitation to play, to see time as our playmate.
The me of the past asked the me of today not to look at the diary. Why?

I’ve always been a nostalgic, with a look a bit ‘turned to the past.
But for the first time looking at those pages, I thought of time as an extension of me, of my present and my future as a reflection of that game without rules called imagination.
So I decided to start a new Diary, which talked about my today and all those future scenarios that I would have imagined and dreamed of.

So I decided to dedicate my first Act to Time.
Enemy and friend at the same time.
To my memory of the future. The first of a series of topics that this year have overwhelmed and inspired me in my songs.

And I imagine the time in a cinema, a place dear to me and a symbol of a final sharing: because in the cinema we don’t talk, but we look and listen, and above all we dream together. It is the imagination today at the center of my present.

In “Act I – Memory of the Future”I tell two sides of me. Different but they both belong to me equally.

The first song of the act is called Cinema and is produced by Mace and Venerus.
I choose my time and dedicate it to those who are dearest to me. It is like Cinema was exactly the soundtrack of the last scene of a film, just before the end, which precedes the future.

IS Future wow (the second track produced by Ceri) is the beginning of what I don’t know, but which I have already imagined. Future wow it is a dream, so true, unconscious. It carries me to a stage, and makes me dance, in an empty cinema. It gives me the feeling that I have already experienced what will be.
It’s a lucid dream, a future I imagine, just wow.

Joan Thiele – “Act I – Memory of the future”

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