Curly, straight, curly, afro, wavy hair … The different ones types trichologicals need only one thing: one hair routine that works. And for this to happen, get to know them and understand them needs is the first step to find the right styling, which enhances the texture and resets the bad hair days.

Straight hair

What they need

Straight hair is thick thin and the skin tends to be oily. This is why gentle and rebalancing cleansing is essential.


“Naturally straight hair often has a subtle texture and that lacks volume, so to begin with, I recommend betting on a layered cut to give movement, body and versatility, ”he told the magazine InStyle, Andrew Fitzsimons, hairstylist of the stars including all the Kardashians.

Objective: lightness. Straight hair yes flatten easily. The game of styling is to give volume through oils and light balms, eliminating the thick creams that grease and weigh down the texture.

Gwyneth Paltrow has straight, thin hair.

© Ian Gavan


Among the various types of hair, the smooth spaghetti becomes shiny faster because the natural oils of the follicle spread over the lengths. “So the trick is avoid overdoing the shampoo”Says Fitzsimons, because” It can have the opposite effect of stimulating the scalp to produce excess sebum, “making the situation worse. The number one friend of straight and fine hair is it dry shampoo volumizing and fragrant, perfect for prolonging the syling between one wash and another.

Slightly wavy hair

Soft and light hair natural waves, belong to the second type. Movement is undefined and tends to fall downward. This has an advantage: if the hair is neither straight nor curly lends itself to all possible styling. “The great thing about type 2 hair is the versatility of being able to go from straight to curly without damaging the integrity of the natural ring,” explains Fitzsimons.

But there is also the downside: it is a hair that it never fits perfectly alone and that requires a constant fight against the frizzy.

What they need

Wavy hair suffers from the effect frizz, so if you are going to smooth it out, check the weather forecast first. Alternatively, indulge his natural movement.

Blake Lively with slightly wavy type 2 hair.

© Ben Gabbe

The syling

The waves effortless they are the most suitable and most natural styling to achieve. To shape the waves you need one texturizing spray and an anti-frizz product. “Type 2 hair also needs one styling hot to define and seal the wave movement “.


“Apply one sea ​​salt spray it’s a leave-in conditioner to give definition without giving excessive structure “.

Curly hair

Curly hair is type 3, they have a elastic and well defined curl, which features the classic S shape. “It can go from freer lengths, to a medium curl, to a tighter S, but retains a softness and truly optimal handling “.

What they need

Traditional curly hair tends to wrinkle especially at the sides. “I recommend applying a leave-in and a cream for curls with a more consistent texture “.

Matilda De Angelis with her natural curls.

© Stefania D’Alessandro


The technique of styling Fitzsimons favorite is called “scrunch-and-go“, means you put the product in your palms and apply it to your hair starting from the bottom and working upwards. “The best way to keep curls intact is let them air dry, but obviously it’s winter, so I recommend drying by spreading the product from the bottom upwards and using your fingers as little as possible: the more you touch your hair, the frizzier it becomes and the shape changes “.


If you want untangle your hair in the showernever do it from the roots down because it breaks them and creates split ends. The best method is to apply a conditioner and comb them starting from the tips and slowly going up towards the roots.

The afro curls

They are small and very thick curls that belong to the typology 4.

What they need

Formulas leave-in bodied that act for minimize frizz, retain moisture and maintain definition of curls.


Fitzsimons recommends applying curlers to wet hair or making hair torchons. “It’s just about fix the fold while sleeping with a cap and then applying a light oil to dissolve them “. Alternatively, they can be left completely natural, free with their texture. “In this case, it is styling it only takes one refreshing spray for curls, and some water and leave-in conditioner on a daily basis. ”


This type of hedgehog is not to be fought, but facilitated. Then, apply some oil and run your hands through the strands, the shape – ensures the hairstylist – will improve day by day.

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