Chanel: foray into Brazil for the summer

Who has been lucky enough to pass by at least once Rio de Janeiro he knows: the Avenida Atlântica, the road that winds along the ocean, is a vision that is imprinted on the retina and remains in the memory as a reservoir of luminous beauty to draw from on dark days. It must be (also) why that Virginie Viard he decided to dedicate to Brazil – and in particular in Rio and its waterfront – a Chanel collection that smells of freedom.

One of the starting points – and the basic motifs – of the spring summer 2021 pre-collection comes from the famous Avenida Atlântica and its characteristic optical sidewalk. The particular undulating geometry, created by the great Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, is one of the “monuments” of the city, as famous as the Corcovado and the Sugar Loaf.

The black and white patterns vary from district to district, from zone to zone, and are in turn inspired by the pavement of the Praça do Rossio in Lisbon, dating back to 1848. The collection focuses in particular on the design of the promenade at the height of Copacabana: soft black & white waves follow each other in a hypnotic pattern capable of lulling the vision, creating contrast and continuity with the beach and the ocean. And this is how the black and white dear to Gabrielle Chanel finds new expressions. In the interpretation of Virginie Viard the waves of Burle Marx are enriched by the logo with the double C, they are also tinged with pink and blue and embellish a cashmere hooded sweater, a blouse and loose fit trousers in two-tone silk crepe, and dresses in cotton voile, crêpe de Chine or silk jacquard, in addition to bag 11.12, here in a new version. At the curves

“I really like these motifs because they remind me of my childhood,” says Amanda Sanchez, the Brazilian model chosen to wear the collection, which appears in Tim Elkaïm’s shots. “I love the light-heartedness of the Brazilian inspiration, which is also found in the details, such as the tweed bracelets revisited”.

An inspiration that takes into account the dynamic alternation between the natural and urban elements, between the wild and the domesticated. Much of the charm of Rio and Brazil lies in this constant reference, which never becomes a simple contrast, because each element merges with the other, incessantly, changing configuration. Thus the Atlantic forest peacefully invades the city, and the buildings coexist with nature all around.

And so also the collection that Chanel dedicates to Brazil is multifaceted: at the same time elegant and “relaxed”, vibrant and chic, fresh and sophisticated. To black and white are added the shades of yellow, green, pink and blue, which happily echo the sky of Rio and find themselves in the four pocket tweed jacket, in the tie-dye effect flared jeans, in the multicolor jacket in precious tweed made by the Maison Lesage that combines threads, ribbons and sequins and in the more colorful bags.

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