For spring summer 2021, continue the journey of Alanui among the wonders of the West, through a new episode of first short film of the brand.

The journey of “West is a state of mind”, directed by director and photographer Andrea Calvetti, continues the adventure in the west of the United States, celebrating the values ​​of freedom and discovery, on which Carlotta and Nicolò Oddi have founded the imaginary of the Alanui collections.

The fashion film continues from the moment we left when, after a strange encounter with an original hitchhiker, the three boys’ on-the-road journey resumes along the indefinite spaces of the deserts of the States. Between wild races, mysterious discoveries of the symbolic medal of San Cristoforo di Alanui and new acquaintances, the adventure of the three friends continues towards new horizons.

In the journey of “West is a state of mind”, the Alanui spring summer 2021 collection represents the ideal companion for a thousand adventures, enhancing the courageous and free character of today’s modern explorers.

Among the novelties of the season, on sale on Farfetch, let’s discover the new luxurious jacquard blankets by Alanui, worn by the protagonists of the video campaign as a stole, wrapped around the shoulders over a dress in vichy fabric, or for him, layering over a denim jacket.

With five models made of regenerated cashmere or virgin wool, and characterized by ready-to-wear desert landscapes combined with vichy patterns or the brand’s iconic graphic motifs, Alanui marks its debut in the world of homeware. A new step that broadens the horizons of the brand, perpetuating the collection’s message of escapism in a journey without borders, which we are curious to know where it will take us …

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