There spring 2021 it is still far away but, so as not to be unprepared for wardrobe change, we suggest you carefully read our recap with the trends most original of the season.

Bootcut jeans

Spring 2021 marks the return of the bootcut jeans: a reduced paw, just hinted at in the flared cut, that we can’t wait to wear. In fashion in the 70s and then in the 2000s, they come back to our closet every twenty years and every time we welcome them with great joy for the way they enhance the silhouette and for their versatility: they are perfect with an ankle boot with heel, with a flat sandal or even with sneakers. The model to buy now is the 725 Jeans Levi’s Red Tab.

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Bare back dress

The trendy dress that cannot miss in the wardrobe of spring 2021 is the black backless dress. The divas of the 60s and 70s like Vikki Dougan and Mireille Darc and still today it is the sexiest dress of the season, thanks to the designers who have reinterpreted it with extreme necklines that leave the back entirely naked. The model we prefer is the signed one Victoria Beckham for sale on

Victoria Beckham for sale at


It will be thanks to Gossip Girl Reboot, the new TV series inspired by the famous TV show with Blake Lively, or the timeless charm of the preppy style, but the moccasins are among the trends of spring 2021 that we can’t wait to try. Thanks to the timeless design and without laces, they represent the ideal compromise between style and comfort, in fact they are versatile and can be combined with skirts, culottes or trousers, or even under a flared dress. If you are looking for a truly original model, you will appreciate the design of the moccasins College, hand painted with the unmistakable X mark.

The “shacket”

It’s not a shirt and it’s not even a jacket, the shacket is a shirt-jacket, perfect for mid-seasons. It will be the obsession of spring 2021 because it combines the practicality of a shirt, with the materials of a jacket, suitable for intermediate temperatures. We admired it in street style looks and now it is already available on the online boutiques of many fashion brands. Model Zara that we recommend is also anti-rain.

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