Valentine’s day: Daria Geller’s video tells how relationships often see love and hate, anger and tenderness being next to each other. 

Accurately describing the dynamics of a couple is almost impossible. Only when you live the relationship in person can we have a more complete vision. This is what the latest work of Daria Geller, director of fashion films and video clips, allows us to do: in a short film inspired by the short story He & She by the Russian writer Anton Chekhov, we find ourselves living the moments of greatest vulnerability of two lovers.

Through a melancholy and gloomy aesthetic, Him & Her explore how love and hate are inseparable feelings. The two protagonists love and hate each other deeply at the same time – toxic and visceral dynamics perhaps more truthful than our society’s expectations of blind romanticism. Geller communicates this intensity also through the use of colors: over the course of the short film each scene is gradually tinged with red to show the moments of greater union between the two lovers.

From photography to the choice of locations, from sound to styling, Him & Her recalls a strong Russian identity. The short film in fact takes place in Moscow in three different locations chosen for their Soviet design: Hotel Che, Hotel Uzkoe and the House of Architecture. Styling, curated by Sasha Kaminer, focuses solely on Russian labels and in particular on Lesyanebo ed Brier-wear – two young talents founded in 2015.

With his first narrative short film Geller detaches himself from the world of fashion film while remaining faithful to his aesthetic. Selected by several international film festivals, Him & Her it has already been awarded Best Short and Best Cinematography at Indie Short Fest, Best Short Film and Best Actress at Cinalfama and Best Cinematography at ARFF Berlin International Awards.

We present it to you on the occasion of Valentine’s day:


Director: Daria Geller (@ daria.geller)

Script: Asia Fix, Daria Geller

Producers: Yuval Orr, Daria Geller

Executive Producer: Iftach Aloni


Him: Evgeniy Kharitonov

Her: Miriam Sekhon (@magoga)

Alexey: Evgeniy Shwartz (@evgeny_shwartz)

Sveta: Irina Nosova (@irinanosova)

Driver: Alexandr Tumbler


Cinematographer: Daria Geller

Edit: Daria Geller, Efim Graboy (@efim_graboy)

Stylist: Alexandra Kaminer (@sashakaminer)

Music: Roi Keidar

Makeup Artist: Alisa Bo

Makeup Assistant: Olya Boogie (@boogie_makeup)