A picture is worth a hundred words. If the statement, in the time of visual social networks such as Instagram, may appear as the result of the reasoning of monsieur de La Palice, nevertheless, in some cases, this truth is much more explosive than one can imagine. An example above all? The photograph published by Elle Fanning on his Instagram profile and dedicated to the second season of The Great.

Let’s analyze it together: the shot portrays Elle in the role of Catherine the Great (her hair is iconic) with a pregnant belly and an enigmatic smile. The caption leaves little to the imagination as it reads: “We are preparing something special for the second season of The Great”.

Elle Fanning in The Great

© Nick Wall

And something special, really, the image gives it to us: not only for the mise-en-scene, not only for the outfit that manages to play in an extraordinary way between modern and ancient, but for the attractiveness that photography it expresses, between said, unspoken and promised.

Elle Fanning in The Great

© Andrea Pirrello

And then we want to admit that the bustier open on the belly of Elle Fanning has a unique elegance?

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