Wonder Woman and 4 other unforgettable heroines of the cinema

Fight like a sissy? Not even for a dream: these heroines are tough on the pitch but keep away from battles. To catalog their deeds in “good” and “bad” would be misleading: in their heart each thinks they are doing their best and, when they become desperate, they make mistakes and do damage just like any other person with a broken soul. No alibi or justification, mind you, but they do their best, in all circumstances, often working twice as hard to obtain the same credibility as the male counterpart. Just look at their performers: they are the brightest stars in the Hollywood firmament, Oscar winner (like Jennifer Lawrence) or with record cachet (such as Scarlett Johansson). And, why not? They sometimes fall into both categories. Some call themselves “kickass girls,” but they allow themselves the luxury of feeling vulnerable when and how they want.

Here are five super ladies, with out-of-the-ordinary powers and epic missions, heroines who have made their mark on the big screen or, in the case of Wonder Woman 1984, coming in streaming.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984

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Wonder Woman 1984 marks the grand return of Diana Pierce, to whom she lends her face for the second time Gal Gadot. Surprisingly, the first three minutes of the film are online to celebrate the arrival of the film in digital exclusive from Friday 12 February on the major platforms (including Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV +, Youtube, Google Play, TIMVision, Rakuten TV, PlayStation Store , Microsoft Film & TV and for premium rental on Sky Primafila). Descendant of a lineage of warrior women, the Amazons, Diana Pierce finds herself in the 1980s once again saving the world from evil and destructive interests represented this time by two new villains, Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Cheetah (Kristen Wiig). Charm, charisma, stubbornness: this heroine with a golden lasso and new – and sparkling – armor knows no half measures and is ready to sacrifice anything to stay true to her ideals. Behind the camera comes Patty Jenkins, the highest paid director in Hollywood.


Captain Marvel (available on Disney +) has the face of the Oscar winner Brie Larson, which will return in the armor of the extraterrestrial warrior for the second chapter in November 2022 (behind the camera the director NiaDaCosta). To haunt her is the previous life of which she remembers only flashes, before landing on Earth with the identity of the pilot Carol Danvers. She can fly, has superhuman strength, and manages to release a burst of photons, so she is recruited by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to be part of a group of special creatures dubbed the Avengers / Avengers. Also in this case it is her doubts that make her “human” because she is not convinced that she has the truth in her pocket, but she tries to protect it and seek it.

Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

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The film Black Widow, scheduled for next April 29, is entirely dedicated to the story of the multifaceted and lethal spy Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), a member of the Avengers after escaping from the former Soviet Union and being recruited by SHIELD, again by Nick Fury. Long the only female presence of the Avengers in the various cinematographic declinations, the glacial assassin played by Scarlett Johansson has so far been described as being related, albeit in a different but equally strong way, to both Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and Bruce Banner / Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). One who manages to flip backwards while tied to a chair during an interrogation can do anything, but there are many aspects that the audience in the hall still does not know about her past. That’s why the film focuses on a time window that begins after Captain America: Civil War … and in the meantime prepares to hand over the baton to the promising Yelena (Florence Pugh, which won audiences recently with the new adaptation of Little Women).

Scarlett Johansson in Black Widow

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Joker’s girlfriend / Jared Leto, Harley Quinn, she is a hero in her own way because she fights for what she thinks is right. Sure, she’s an unorthodox and somewhat nutty therapist, but in her defense it must be said that falling in love with one of the most disturbing villains in the Batman universe certainly doesn’t create stability. The quirky Suicide Squad character played by Margot Robbie becomes the protagonist in Birds of prey (from 11 February in home video Warner limited edition, composed of a comic art steelbook 4k ultra HD). At this point she is the one to gather a group of rather singular women to rectify the wrongs and remove a few pebbles from the shoe. She does not pretend to be a model for anyone, she hates labels and gets easily irritated but at least once in their life it will have happened to everyone to use a bit of “smash therapy” to vent post-breakup stress …

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey

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In the two X-Men trilogies (available on Disney +) at the cinema Mystica has the face of Rebecca Romjin and Jennifer Lawrence, at different stages of his life. This shapeshifter, unlike some “colleagues”, can change its external appearance to be accepted and considered attractive by humans, but at some point it understands that true beauty lies in remaining true to itself. At one point she decides to ally herself with Magneto and leave Professor X, who welcomed her into his home and protected her when she was alone and lost. The whole philosophy of mutants is based on diversity and inclusion. maybe Mystica she loses sight of some of the lessons learned as a girl by Charles Xavier but follows freedom as the supreme good. Whether you understand her or not, she remains one of the most intriguing and multifaceted heroines in the world of comics and, recently, also of their transposition on the big screen. Chameleon, in short, as each often dreams of being able to be.

Jennifer Lawrence in Mystica

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