From Spring Summer 2021 fashion here are the wonderful accessories inspired by the 20s

Last week we told you how the 1920s have influenced and continue to influence the ‘fashion world’. And there are many, in fact, also the fashion items Spring Summer 2021 which seem to be inspired by the decade. Today we focus on accessories, for those who want to give a retro glam touch to their outfit.

The pearl necklace

Pearls have long been associated with royalty and nobility. In fact, it was only the richest who owned them. But starting in the 1920s, jewelers began to artificially reproduce pearls, so everyone could afford them. In short, there was a real revolution, which is why we can say that pearl necklaces are the symbolic jewel of the 1920s.

Chanel, which immediately transformed it into one of the maison’s signatures, proposes it in layers also in a gold version and with the iconic ‘C’, combined in contrast with a strong outfit.

The mini sack bag with beads

In the 20s, at glamorous evenings where fringes, feathers and sequins reigned, there was no outfit that was not completed by this mini bag of soft fabric, which was decorated with small bright beads and which was used to keep the essential objects of flapper girls .

Simone Rocha celebrates this ‘mini bag’ by using the beads for shoulder straps and sweaters that wrap around the rigid clutch like a glove.

The Mary Janes

The famous and still beloved closed toe shoe with an instep strap was originally made for girls. In the 1920s it was made with a high heel and a few more straps, and took the name Mary Jane. It is the shoe that best represents the Twenties.

It seems to come from far more distant times than the Twenties version of Gucci. To be worn strictly with a contrasting sock.

The cloche

As is well known, hairstyles in the 1920s were ‘a la garçonne’ and the delicate caps previously worn by women were not in line with the trend of the decade. Thus, the cloche was launched, a bell hat that suited the new cuts very well. Milliners like Caroline Reboux, Lucie Hamar and Gage Brothers & Company made cloches out of felt or straw, and designed them so that they fell right above the eye. Women often added sparkly brooches to complete their looks.

It is a handcrafted masterpiece the hat of Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini clearly inspired by the iconic bell-shaped cloche silhouette. The creation is proposed in different shades.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Spring Summer 2021

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