Leonor of Spain leaves the royal family. The eldest of the daughters of King Felipe and of Letizia Ortiz she is ready to undertake the cursus honorum that will take her to the throne of Spain and will do so for the first time away from her home. Direction: Wales where, for her, the doors of one of the most exclusive, prestigious and inaccessible schools in the world will open, the UWC Atlantic College.

Leonor of Spain however, she is not the first royal to attend Welsh collegeIn fact, browsing through the yearbooks, among the faces of the students who passed by the desks of the UWC College, Elisabeth of Belgium, William of Holland and Raiyah of Jordan, the youngest daughter of King Hussein.

But what kind of school are we talking about? And why is it so exclusive?
Founded in 1962 in South Wales, UWC Atlantic College is part of the UWC, a movement based on Kurt Hahn’s educational method. The educator and pedagogue believed that school should lead to a preparation for life without necessarily being just a door to the university. Hahn’s ideas, based on the Platonic method, foresee that the school must give students the necessary knowledge to be able to be truly impactful and relevant in the world right away.

This is the reason why, as stated in the description of the United World Colleges, most of the schools specialize in the education of boys between 16 and 19, “the age in which the energy and idealism of a young person they can be channeled into empathy, responsibility and long-term commitment. “

The exclusivity of the college, however, is not given by the tuition which, in the case of that of Wales, according to the data reported on the college website, varies between 95 thousand and 110 thousand dollars for the two years, but also by the strict selection criteria which, in Leonor’s case, provided for an initial anonymous selection and then numerous other tests and online interviews. The school, in fact, must select not only pupils who are particularly gifted from an academic point of view but, also and above all, personalities who are able to train and face the very demanding challenges of the school. And who starts well …

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