Working in fashion is the dream of many young creatives. How to find a job in fashion? How to start a career in a dream world?

The first step to realize the dream of work in fashion is definitely that of train in schools and academies able to provide information and theoretical skills – and often also practical through internships and extra-curricular experiences – that can allow you to lay solid foundations for a career in fashion that may also include the possibility of open your own brand.

The business card for any creative – but for anyone looking for a job – is the curriculum vitae.

The cv is crucial to any search for I work in the fashion industry: must be prepared with care, in every detail.

How do you write the perfect CV? What are the necessary elements of a successful fashion curriculum, in which order should they be indicated? How to enhance our past and how to tell dreams for the future? How to tell about the extra-work experiences? And then: how do you send a curriculum vitae, how is the CV integrated, for a creative who wants to work in fashion, with the portfolio and any cover letter?

We talked about it in a special webinar dedicated to the fashion curriculum and the perfect CV that saw the protagonist Lory Yedid, Partner of Value Search.

Along with the resume, any creative must present – the moment they meet a headhunter or a human resources recruiter of fashion companies – a Fashion Portfolio. Together with curriculum vitae, tells who the designer is and who he wants to become. Specifically, the fashion portfolio collects the best works carried out by the creative during his studies or for brands he has worked on, or for special projects. Create a Fashion Portfolio successful, accurate and that well tells the creative world of the designer is therefore the best way to work in fashion to be known by head hunter and by the HR of the maison.

How to make a perfect fashion portfolio? How to transform it into the key to access the world of work? How to use it to win over company headhunters or HR recruiters?

We talked about it in a special webinar that saw the protagonist Valentina Maggi, Global Director of the Design Practice at Floriane de Saint Pierre & Associés.

If the curriculum vitae and the fashion portfolio convinced the recruiters and a interview, how to best deal with it to get the perfect job? How to enhance one’s experience, one’s previous career and how to tell one’s characteristics to transform the job interview into the first step to work in fashion in the company we have dreamed of?

We asked the headhunters of Between Design Research who explained to us how to face the job interview for those who want to work in fashion.

How to prepare for a job interview? How to show up for a job interview? How to explain one’s defects and strengths? If the interview is taking place online, how do you make the most of the opportunity?

These are just some of the questions we answered in a special webinar organized with the head hunters Elisabetta Berla and Angelica De Vito of Between Design Research, a consulting, research and selection firm of stylists and professionals that is aimed exclusively at fashion, clothing and accessories companies.

Furthermore, the initiatives of Portfolio Review of the Vogue Talents team. Over the years, in fact, Vogue Talents has organized numerous occasions for students of universities and academies e designer under 40 of clothing and accessories, illustrators, creatives from all over the world to show their work to Sara Sozzani Maino, Deputy Editor of Vogue Italia is Head of Vogue Talents and the editors of Vogue Talents. In times of coronavirus, the scouting of talents did not stop and we continued to meet creatives from all over the world through the Portfolio Review digital sessions, in which, alongside the portfolios, we viewed and commented on the curriculum vitae of the students and creatives who spoke with us .

Portfolio Review and Vogue Talents’ support for the new generation of talents does not stop: we are organizing further sessions of Portfolio Review digital, to allow you to meet Sara Sozzani Maino and the team from home.