I admit: it was already written on the press kit. In short, that Maria Pia Prior – Degree in Pharmacy, Master in Cosmetology, creator and founder of Skin First – was sunny and smiling I expected it. But, to say, I also expected that The bridges of Madison County it would make me shed copious tears. And anyway I cried anyway. In fact, interviewing Maria Pia doesn’t just have me amused and informed, but it also made me laugh – you think – for the discovery of being part of the “mature skins“. Possible? Possible.

Maria Pia Prior was born in Puglia on June 20, 1992

This “unexpected” thing aboutaging I discover it by talking to Maria Pia about a Skin First line (it is the Preventive one, you can read about it below) which is certainly effective, but also interesting in terms of communication.

And communication is undoubtedly essential for a brand that owes its growth to word of mouth among loyal and loyal customers. A loyalty built by Maria Pia is Skin First also and above all through their respective Instagram profiles: dialogue with i follower has allowed and still allows to understand in advance the needs and desires of the public, growing in tuning with them.

That’s why the mission of Skin First is that of treat the most common skin problems, aiming for tangible and realistic results, even if not immediate. The preliminary work is to listen and understand the needs of the community, always gender neutral

One of the factors of the brand’s success is given by sharing of concrete results after the use of the products, results that are analyzed for the continuous development of the line.

In short, a success story. We talked about – in fact – with Maria Pia.

How did the idea come about? why do you think there was a need for a new skincare line?

“The intuition was born thanks and above all to contact with people and users on Instagram. Thus was born the column Skin First Project where I received questions and gave skincare tips. I realized that a brand was missing Made in Italy functional and that really responds to everyone’s needs. My obsession with functional substances did the rest. I have a scientific approach and I want to achieve concrete goals and tangible results through performing ingredients. Without forgetting that all references are hypoallergenic, nikel tested and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin“.

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What are the most common mistakes we make when it comes to skincare?

“I would say that you have to start from habits: in fact, little attention is often paid to some fundamental steps such as cleansing which helps prevent clogging of pores and, when done correctly, gives skin brightness and helps the better absorption of the applied products. The same goes for the Sun protection: applying a filter effectively limits the onset of wrinkles and blemishes. Without forgetting that, often, aexcessive exfolition which implies dehydration and irritation. Chemical exfoliants are very performing so you tend to get caught up in the immediate result, but you need to carefully calibrate the frequency of use “.

The word “preventive” is really interesting. What are the characteristics of the products that carry it?

Skin First Preventive Face Mask and Cream

“It was important for me to differentiate these types of products from those dedicated toanti age. However, we must start from an assumption: no cosmetic product can block time and wrinkles which are a physiological process. What you can do is insert some targeted substances such as peptides capable of stimulating the natural collagen formation. The advice is to use the preventive line from 25 to 35 years and then move on to anti-age. You have a trendy skin acneic? Give priority to impurities and then to wrinkles “.

There is a glossary on the site. What are the ingredients we should always trust and which ones should be used with caution?

“It is a complicated speech and through the glossary it is as if I were explaining my very scientific approach. The important thing for me is to get a message across: Skin First formulations have no ‘accessory’ ingredients but only active and performing agents. Why know the ingredients? Because it really helps to understand if a cream can keep the promises on the packaging“.

What is, if you can tell us, the bestseller (or 3 bestsellers) Skin First?

“The best-best-best and the skin perfector with salicylic acid suitable for all skin types but especially ideal for combination and oily skin. Then there are all the purifying references, the booster with niacinamide and the mild detergent.

Niacinamide Booster, Gentle Face Cleanser and Skin Perfector by Skin First

What is the decision not to put SPF in face creams?

“To comfort. Let me explain: I wanted to propose products that could be used both in the morning and in the evening. The advice is, of course, to also apply a good sunscreen during the day according to needs and habits “.

Focus on the brand’s new product face oil. Can you tell us?

“The new face oil can be considered as an oily serum formulated with 8 vegetable-derived oils (among these olive, cotton, jojoba, argon, ed) to give in a concrete way softness and elasticity. It is a rapid absorption which is also fine when applied to mixed-tendency skin. It can be used alone or by adding a few drops, especially in winter, to your usual cream “.

How do you research? How do you keep up to date with the latest skincare news?

“I surf a lot, on the web as well as on social networks. I try not to miss anything both at the European and at the level American: the North American approach, like this scientific and functional, it is very similar to mine. In fact if there is something that interests me purchase and try“.

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