Open museums and exhibitions 2021 to visit in the Milan of the yellow zone

It’s a bit like the first day of school: everything knows anew, and excites. Once inside, however, you immediately feel at ease. And perhaps you understand even more how much you miss it. Let’s talk about entering a museum in flesh and blood. After a stop for over three months, the city museums reopened in Milan and it was a success: fifty bookings at Palazzo Reale, a boom in admissions since the morning also at the Museum of the 900, the Pinacoteca di Brera enchanted the district with its new lighting of the cloister and, austere and splendid, yesterday even the Cathedral with the Madonnina welcomed tourists inside, after a long time.

Metallic light outside, for the whole day, and art, finally in presence, inside. At the moment, only from Monday and Friday, from 10 to 19.30 (with extraordinary opening until 20.30 for the exhibitions of the Palazzo Reale and Museo del 900). But no worries: lOnline booking is recommended, but not mandatory and it is time that the visit to a museum, a foundation, a gallery is also improvised. “It serves our psychic well-being”, Anna Maria Montaldo, director of the Museum of the 900 said yesterday. The structures are equipped: you enter with a mask, after measuring the temperature and strictly staggered (about 20 people every 30 minutes). State-of-the-art social distancing, in conclusion.

If you want to treat yourself to an extended lunch break or have a late afternoon off, I’m here right now a series of exhibitions they deserve.

A shot by Margaret Bourke-White

© Oscar Graubner Courtesy Estate of Margaret Bourke White

Royal Palace

You can decide whether to stop on the ground floor and immerse yourself in the intense, sometimes even disturbing atmospheres of Divine and avant-garde. Women in Russian art, a group show marked by a hundreds of works of a poignant power in which tsarines, commoners, mothers, workers and artists cross two centuries of Russian history as protagonists (it should remain open until April 5, but perhaps even beyond if there is a loan agreement with the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg from which all the masterpieces come). It takes at least a couple of hours to enjoy it.

Or, if you are in a hurry, go up to the first floor: another woman is waiting for you. IS Margareth Bourke-White, pioneer of information and photography (we also wrote about it here: her shots speak for themselves).

Zinaida Serebrjakova, Self-portrait. Divine and avant-garde

Maria Bashkirtseva, Umbrella, from the exhibition Divine and avant-garde

Museum of the 900

Perfect for the lunch break is the staff of Carla Accardi to the Museum of the 900: a few meters from Palazzo Reale, another great artist, this time Italian, is presenting his Contexts. The advice is to visit it calmly, room after room, so as not to lose any of the microorganisms (indeed: primitive signs) that Accardi, who disappeared just seven years ago, put on canvas (or on plastic or on wooden frames) building musical scores of color. There are a couple of rooms that hypnotize with those pinks, oranges, acid greens.

Carla Accardi in her studio in Rome

Ambrosiana Picture Gallery

Wait Thursday if you want to imitate Chiara Ferragni and enter the casket of Ambrosiana Art Gallery: here (on Thursdays from 2 to 6 pm) they can be admired absolute masterpieces of art history. The podium is up to Basket of Fruit of the Caravaggio, trailed by the Portrait of a Musician of Leonardo da Vinci and from the sublime cartoon of Athens school of Raffaello (in the new staging signed by Stefano Boeri, which made it all the more impressive).

Brera ‘s picture gallery

«Paraphrasing ‘The Plague’ by Albert Camus: ‘What do you mean by returning to a normal life? “People who go to the museum”“.

There Brera ‘s picture gallery thus announces on social media its reopening to the public (from Tuesday to Friday, from 9.30 to 18.30, free entrance but reservation required if you can organize yourself for the late afternoon, you can also enjoy the new suggestive lighting of the cloister.


There Triennial instead it organized itself with guided tours on Thursdays and Fridays at 7pm: Enzo Mari curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli – the great exhibition on over 60 years of activity of one of the leading masters of Italian design – is among the most successful (put a couple of hours on your agenda).

The other art addresses

Certainly the Pirelli Hangar Bicocca where the exhibition of the Chinese artist is still set up for the whole month Chen Zhen (Short-circuits). The short circuits of therti-star Chinese, who died prematurely in 2000, manifest themselves through large installations on issues of disconcerting topicality: globalization and consumerism, the encounter between East and West, reflection on disease and treatment. The spaces are immense, we proceed in silence (with a paper guide that serves as a compass): it is a lyrical exhibition, of pure meditation.

We close with two smaller but still interesting exhibitions in two museums opened in Milan.

The first is in via Jan, Porta Venezia area, a Boschi di Stefano’s house where, from 10 to 17.30 (no booking required) “The first season of Gianni Dova “ he tells us about this artist (1925-1991) who, starting from Cubism, crossed abstraction to arrive at a material painting, still to be deciphered. It is perfect if you love surrealism, and that little bit more determined by the intimate atmosphere of the house-museum, a small treasure chest that deserves to be known.
Finally, another house-museum, near the Carrobbio, suitable for a quick visit. In via San Sisto, at Francesco Messina Museum Study they came in “Inside” the Orticanoodles, a collective famous for their disruptive street murals (those at Ortica, for example, and on the Island). Here you will find thirty of their works on wood, made in stencil and dusting, which interact with the statues of the permanent collection: it works.

At the opening. Maria Bashkirtseva, Umbrella, from the Divine and Avant-garde exhibition

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