Made in Italy celebrates its first 70 years

Today it is a Quadrilatero, an aperitif, inevitable rainy days. Yesterday was the Lungarno, hills and student spirit. Now it is Milan, but in the beginning it was Florence. The Made in Italy is now part of the common language, an expression to which we associate the highest quality, but above all, Made in Italy is a story. A story of passion and craftsmanship, a unique reality in the world of fashion where the talent of the shop turns into a billionaire industry and, above all, is the result of a visionary intuition that has revolutionized the national economy. And the 1951 year zero of our tailoring: they have passed 70 years (of success) from that first February 12 when the eyes of the world rest on Florence. An entrepreneur, Giovanni Battista Giorgini, catches the gold beneath the surface of the savoir-faire, recognizing the quality of the Italian product as a safe investment and unlimited potential for creativity.

The first Made in Italy show presents the autumn-winter 1951 1952 collection.

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Hosting a kermesse of journalists, buyers and industry experts, Villa Torrigiani it is the chosen stage to present unusual and surprising clothing, which combines majestic elegance with skilful traditional workmanship, from pleating silk to knitting, from the sole of shoes to embroidery and millinery. The handmade, Made in Italy synonymous with excellence, was born in that moment. In just one year, the revenues of Italian fashion rose from $ 125,000 to $ 1.5 million; the export of knitwear goes from 364 thousand to over 18 million dollars, while the footwear sector explodes from 125 thousand dollars to over 23 million, as reported by the data ofGiorgini Archive.

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And then here is Rome, Milan, the fashion capitals are reformulating and welcoming Italy into their small circle. Today, that ballroom that was the cradle of our style reopens its doors to the public and experts, through a series of dedicated events. With the grant of US uni-source, the historic home will host the international conference Giovanni Battista Giorgini, from Artistic Craftsmanship to High Fashion, Italian Soft Power, organized by Giorgini Archive is University of Bologna, in collaboration with Association of the Observatory of Art Professions (OMA).

Retracing the steps of an art that has conquered the world, Florence tells, once again, a story of beauty and craftsmanship, it reminds us of the past with a view to future projects, underlining the inestimable, unique and all-Italian value of an absolute love for nice dress up.

© Getty Images / Cameraphoto Epoche Archive

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