Fashion Scout and Creative DNA Kenya: the project with WAUZINE

A great debut, the result of the winning partnership of art, fashion and culture: a concept that is perfectly embodied in the design of Fashion Scout is Creative DNA Kenya, where emerging artists and designers energize the encounter between two worlds. The corporate escapism of Fashion Scout, an international consultancy based in London joins the promotional and support program Creative DNA Kenya, the body assisted by British Council, to encourage young talents to contribute to the creative sector. The project program conducted various tasks in six main areas: research and insight, policy and advocacy, business support, the project NESTA, Fashion Incubator and the #FashionFridays. Creative DNA is made by the Kenyan partner Put Nairobi, where 11 fashion companies were immersed in an incubation process for 12 months, between February 2020 and February 2021.

Again a triple vision presents itself with strong antithetical and, at the same time, similar balances: Creative DNA and Fashion Scout they will launch the third edition of WAUZINE, a digital showcase that includes three limited edition digital publications with 11 emerging designers from Kenya, with the aim of bringing together cross-cultural collaborations between writers, illustrators and creative teams both in London and Nairobi. The first of three issues explores Nairobi’s myriad neighborhoods through the history of costume captured by the photographer Maganga Mwagogo, which immortalizes the bold work of multiple designers. In addition, it will be possible to find an essay of Awuor Onyango, which reveals the cultural and social stories that underlie the Kenyan capital.

WAUZINE was designed and created by the Fashion Scout team with Helen Jennings, co-founder and managing director of Nataal Media, which releases exclusive photo shoots under the creative direction of Sunny Dolat, Fashion Curator and co-founder of The Nest Collective. Issue 003 of the magazine will be published in February, just before the fashion shows in the British capital, and in the same way the WAUZINE fashion film will be released.

As part of the Fashion Incubator Program, the British Council is working with local designers in Kenya to stimulate the growth of a sustainable creative industry, which is facing the pandemic through a program aimed at developing their skills, knowledge and global networks. Among the activities of the Incubator Program there are business bootcamps, personalized mentoring, funding and resources that will allow designers to model digitally during the London Fashion Week through the Fashion Scout platforms.

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