The first red carpet of Angelina Jolie dates back to 1986: she is only 11 years old and the very young arrives at the side of her father Jon Voight dressed in a voluminous white lace dress (faithful to the fashion of the time), adorned with a multi-strand necklace of pearls white. No embarrassment or discomfort: you immediately understand that a beautiful star is about to be born.

That necklace appears as an excess, a quirk that adorns the immature décolleté, but anticipates only some of Angelina’s most iconic looks that she showed off at the numerous red carpet. soon becomes a veteran of the awards season, reaching the peaks of many rankings as “best style.” The secret of her success is precisely the balance that is created between the choice of clothes, elegant but sober, combined with majestic and exquisitely crafted jewels. They are all dazzling pieces that illuminate her face with magnetic eyes: it is no coincidence that the choice falls mostly on diamonds and emeralds, shades that illuminate her mother-of-pearl complexion and the intense nuance of the iris.

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