For Valentine’s Day, the perfect garment to wear is the Jacquemus heart jacket

Amour, amour, amour. For Jacquemus, the most romantic of feelings is a field of wheat, with blue skies and shaded clouds. It is a scenographic palmistry, a wavy line drawn on expanses of wheat. For his spring-summer 2021 , the designer looks tolove, fantasizing about kisses in the summer. Among the items in the collection, there is one in particular jacket which summarizes Jacquemus’ inspiration, covering himself with the symbol that is the geometry of the lover: the heart. Distancing oneself from a stereotypical view of the red muscle printed in plain sight, Jacquemus tries to depict its lightness, the flickering to which it is subject under the stimulus of passion, renouncing the sanguine tones, the consistency, to create a embossed cut that turns atria and ventricles into millet-colored wings.

The design of the jacket is single-breasted is tailoring, with a loose fit and masculine shape highlighted by its straight lines, by the lack of shaping on the waist, with hinted folds that emphasize the craftsmanship of the work, classic and wide collar with thin cran (the cut that separates the jacket lapel) and large side pockets. The fabric is a raw cotton, with a full-bodied grain, to emphasize the rustic reference always present in Jacquemus fashion. Scattered across the surface like a culture of affection and adoration, hearts made with laser they create a play of voids and protrusions, with three-dimensional ends that pulsate with movement.

The jacket goes with a simple one biscuit-colored knitted bralette it’s at bermuda pinstripes in the same golden shade of the outerwear, with a low sandal with an ankle strap and the now mascot of the maison, the Chiquito bag in saffron suede. Collected hair, sunburst chandelier earrings and an air between enchanted and disillusioned complete the look. The jacket also appears in men’s version in a smoky gray suit with trousers and double-breasted, proof of that love that has no boundaries and that remains the most beautiful dress to wear (especially on Valentine’s day).

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