MSCHF, the Brooklyn collective that created the “Jesus sneaker“(filling the transparent sole of a famous Nike model with holy water), released his latest viral creation on Instagram: le shoes extra luxury fashion “Birkinstock”. Yes, this is not a typo, the New York group has reinterpreted the most famous model of Birkenstock sandals, cutting the upper from the leather of the precious Hermès Birkin bags, imagining what could be the result of a collaboration between the two brands.

“The most exclusive sandal ever made”, ensures the collective on the website dedicated to the online sale of footwear: a model very similar to the famous Birkenstock Arizona, with the original sole in cork and rubber, but with a leather upper made by specifically chopping the Hermès Birkin bags.

“We are simply fascinated by the destruction of expensive things and the creation of something new”Daniel Greenberg, 23, head of strategy at MSCHF, said in a New York Times article. There Birkin Hermès it is one of the most expensive bags in the world, with models valued up to $ 370,000.

Birkinstock shoes will be available in white, black or red, made to order at a price between $ 34,000 and $ 76,000, depending on the size of the customer’s foot. And, if the Jesus sneakers were sold out in a minute, despite the stellar price, we’re sure the new Birkinstocks won’t take long to sell out on the MSCHF website. The collective has only four Birkin bags available to use as raw material for the sandals, according to the New York Times.

Birkin bags are like a cultural meme, a symbol of some kind of wealth. ”Said Lukas Bentel, 28, one of MSCHF’s creative directors at NYT. “By reducing it to a truly accessible object, they wanted to force people to question that symbolism“.

Anyhow, this new imaginary collaboration will surely make MSCHF stand out, which since 2016 had moved into street and pop culture, from the world of luxury and high fashion. The timing of the deal is quite impeccable: (according to NYT) Birkenstock is said to be in talks to sell a majority stake in the brand to L Catterton, a private equity firm that has LVMH, the largest luxury group in the world, among its investors. world.

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