There supermodel US Emily Ratajkowski, in the 33rd week of pregnancy, she was immortalized by the duo of fashion photographers Inez & Vinoodh, in a series of shots that portray her without veils and with her belly. The model shared the pictures on Instagram, demonstrating that she is ready to be in front of the camera, even a few days after giving birth.

“I am so incredibly grateful to have this special moment in my life immortalized by my dream collaborators and friends, Inez & Vinoodh. Thank you! I was 33 weeks here “, commented Emily Ratajkowski to the first image shared on Instagram. “We are almost there. From the 33rd week, the last photo I promise. Thanks Inez & Vinoodh. », Wrote the supermodel, under a second photo published shortly after.

Emily Ratajkowski by Inez & Vinoodh © Instagram @emrata

An enthusiasm and self-confidence that did not accompany Ratajkowski throughout her pregnancy. Although the model was confident of hers maternity style, often showing off tight-fitting outfits or with the belly uncovered; she recently confided in her followers on Instagram, explaining that she doesn’t always feel beautiful with her new body, “Sometimes I feel like Winnie the Pooh in human form …”, wrote under the image of a selfie in profile in the mirror. Also, in a recent interview, the supermodel expressed her concern about post-pregnancy hair loss.

Emily Ratajkowski by Inez & Vinoodh © Instagram @emrata

In short, just like all women, too Emily Ratajkowski had her up & down moments during her pregnancy and, if a day on set with her friends and image-savvy collaborators was enough to make her feel at the top, we hope that the photos of the model without veils and with the baby bump continue to appear on his Instagram profile, at least until the day of the happy event!

Emily Ratajkowski by Inez & Vinoodh © Instagram @inezandvinoodh

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