The super sexy dress that Zendaya wears in Netflix’s latest film, Malcolm & Marie

The 35 mm black and white film retraces a single and very long night: after the film premiere that enshrines the success of Malcolm (John David Washington) as a director, the return to the house “beautiful choice by the producers”, Isolated and immersed in nature, defines the end of glamor. The only element that continues to shine is the super sexy dress of the co-star, Zendaya.

Marie wears it for about half the film: a long dress in shining fabric, with deep slit and braided bodice on the breast. Still wearing the head of the “first”, without paying too much attention to the preciousness, the protagonist prepares to prepare pasta with cheese: from the punctual and decisive gestures we immediately understand that there is a particular nervousness that hovers in the air.

To choose the only garment of Sam Levinson’s film, he was called to the roll call Law Roach which in recent years has become famous first for Celine Dion’s looks and then for transforming the well-known Disney star. Roach had to satisfy only one request from the director: to find an iconic garment that reflected “mood, emotion and enlightenment“.

To emphasize Marie’s nervousness, the garment also had to be light, to accompany the decisive and frenetic step by step inside the house, the Caterpillar House, passing from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the bathroom to the kitchen, to the living room.

To get to the result, the stylist made use of the collaboration of Jason Rembert, stylist and designer of Aliétte. Together, thanks to several appointments on Zoom, they decided on the cut and the fabric: the result is a cut-out lamé silk garment with neckline inspired by Cher’s look, on the occasion of the duet with Raquel Welch in 1975.

The couple’s revelations, the “unspoken” and the “implications” will then be revealed when Marie gets rid of her high décolleté, tight tights, false eyelashes and the dress she wore for the film premiere. The truth will resurface when she (almost) naked in front of him: with her hair wet from the purifying bath, wearing only a pair of briefs and a tank top, she will reveal her feelings, between doubts and disappointments. An image that evokes Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut.

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