Sustainable fashion takes a step forward thanks to the Abode of Snow winter outerwear brand

“The abode of the snow”. This is the translation of Abode of Snow, name of a newborn outerwear brand which in turn translates a famous Tibetan word into English: Himalaya. The spouses have thus baptized a project that required years of research and experimentation Tenzin Wild is Tao Okamoto, respectively entrepreneur and model / actress who have long wanted to create a fashion reality that reflects the Tibetan tradition in key sustainable. The result of this fusion between culture and innovation leads to a outerwear newly designed, with unisex and elegant silhouettes, reminiscent of the typical padded and warm outerwear worn in the regions on the slopes of the Himalayas.

© Courtesy Abode of Snow / Hector Perez

It is above all Tenzin Wild, of a Tibetan mother and Swiss father, who wants to pay homage to his roots with garments fromminimal aesthetics, essential in the cut and in colors that reflect the natural shades of native landscapes. In parallel, Tao Okamoto turns to his Japan and his scholar craftsmanship, internationally renowned for the care and precision used in the processing of raw materials.

© Courtesy Abode of Snow / Hector Perez

“Our intent is to show the colorful world of the Himalayan region through the lens of our clothing line, not only through the product, but also through the testimonies of people and traditions” – say Tenzin Wild and Tao Okamoto.

To this conceptual vision of clothing is added a strong ethical matrix, which prompted the two founders to choose sustainable production systems. It starts with the research of the material. Faithful to its intent to follow the tradition of Tibet, Abode of Snow offers jackets and parkas padded with yak wool or goose feathers obtained with ecological processes e cruelty-free. It starts with yak wool, also known as Tibetan ox, which every spring naturally sheds its hair in the belly area to withstand the rise in temperatures, which is then collected and carded to make the padding. Goose feathers are instead found through the recycling process Green Down Projects, reusing quantities discarded or already used in other uses to transform them into a warm padded layer, simultaneously reducing the emissions of harmful gases that result from industrial production.

Tao Okamoto and Tenzin Wild

© Courtesy Abode of Snow

“We want to stick to this quote from the Dalai Lama: ‘It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and care for the environment we all live in.’ Just as the Tibetan lifestyle tends to be circular and waste-free, Abode of Snow’s garments they are part of a permanent and non-seasonal collection, to limit production and remain aware of our overall environmental impact “ – the founders continue.

Picture of a sustainable fashion in continuous evolution, the garments of the brand are divided into three basic models: the Chuba long jacket, with organic cotton lining, high collar with hood and belt at the waist, the parka Lhasa, with water-repellent treatment and reversible inner duvet, and finally the maxi Mila down jacket, padded, quilted and with removable hood.

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